About Jessica Brigham

1-about-jessica-brigham-magazine-ready-for-life-for-lessHey fraaaaand. I’m Jessica Brigham and I’m Magazine Ready for Life.

Welcome to my humble internet abode: Jessica Brigham, Magazine Ready for Life. For Less. The place to equip and empower creatively-inclined women to have a beautiful, magazine ready life on a budget! True story: I was the little kiddo that grew up in a non-childproof house. Mama Bear’s organizational nature rubbed off a bit (it’s what I call the everything-has-its-place kinda ‘tude). 😂 Here I’ll share the tips & tricks I employ in everyday life to inspire your strong desire to create an intentional and fulfilled life around home design, healthy food, and home organization.

Listen, girl; a little bit of planning, will go one long, heckuva way.

Why you bloggin’, gurrl?!

This life and style is in my blood – my thick, mostly Italian, some kind of mutt, blood. My home is my sanctuary. I’ve been decorating and DIYing with my Mama before it was über cool and observed my grandmother’s homecooking since the beginning of time (observed because she’s Italian and never let anyone help. Nessuno.). Interest in cooking skipped my mother’s generation, but what’s interesting is they both taught me how to design and cook the exact same way: intuitively and “by eye.”


“Do it by eye!!” grandma still says.
*insert exaggerated hand (and face) gesture*



I still phone over to confirm the perfect recipe for lasagna.

Many a young day was spent rummaging home goods stores, flea markets, and antique fairs seeking high design for a fraction of the cost. We made time for what matters the most: rearranging, organizing, and project-ing.

If expression of person style is important to you, you’ve come to the right place. My goal is to share my way of living to help you eliminate overwhelm and worry, instead turning it into good, positive results in your happy home.

A few more tidbits about me …

I’m a photographer and a general creative jack-of-all-trades (which is a nice way of saying I have way too many hobbies and interests).

I’m an early riser, a tidy house keeper, an avid yoga goer, and if I don’t have at least three artsy fartsy, extracurricular projects going on the side, my brain would implode.

I’m a chef on the side, a chronic house rearranger, a DIY-er who likes to get her hands dirty, and a green thumb kinda gal.

I’m married to my dashing California-bred husband, Christopher (El Capitan 👨🏻‍🚒💕), and we live in a beautiful 1934 Craftsman Bungalow abode with our two cooky cats and one dopey mutt, which – fun fact – we closed on two days before the day we got murried (yeah, we cray 🙄).

I have a knack for making up my own old sayings, which I correlate to my mom making up words to song lyrics in the car throughout my entire childhood. Actually, who am I kidding? She’s my “Ma.” Thanks, Ma!!

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, and raised by off-the-boat Italians, so I’m well known for being vivacious and talking with my hands (this 🙌🏻 will always be my favorite emoji). On a related note, I use emojis like they’re going out of style. 🎉👏🏻🙋🏻✨

Welcome to my online magazine.

Enjoy the general sassiness and spontaneous creativity.


Photo credit (above): Constance Schiano Photography