Nap Tested, Husband Approved: Why I Love My Sven Sofa

Nap Tested, Husband Approved: Why I Love My Sven Sofa

It all started with a pretty girl’s velvet dream. One day, before my interior world went wild and turned upside down, my girlfriend showed me a modern haven of delicious velvet (and leather) wonders in all sorts of contemporary colors. Unbeknownst to me, that compelling image of the Sven sectional sofa was imprinted in mind for a future time.

I’ve received numerous inquiries about my Cascadia Blue Sven Sofa (a.k.a. The Blue Wonder) via Instagram. Today, I’m addressing all of your questions as my love for TBW couldn’t be stronger. She’s so luxe there’s even an emoji that emulates her sheer awesomeness.

Here it is, in all it’s virtually-tufted glory: 🛋.

Buying Online (It’s not so scary!)

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room: buying a couch online. 😟 It seems the thought makes the proverbial music cut out in a room and the old timey disco box explodes. I lovingly coveted Sven for months with my inappropriately lustful eyes. Was I little nervous to buy a sofa online? Sure; but those images were everything I longed for, and the price was right. Ya also get 30 days to decide. For me, that was a shoo-in. Sign meee up.

A photographer by trade, I can firmly attest Article does an amazing job highlighting their “Articles.” The product photos and the real thing are one in the same – color, detail, etc – which I also noted in my review. Not to mention, the visual specs of the couch put me at ease, which can be found at the end of each product gallery.

Nap Tested, Husband Approved

It was important for this couch to be deep enough for my hunky hubster to be comfortable (and nap often) leading me to my next major point: this sofa is c-o-m-f-y: comfy!!! This is the most common query and the answer is a resounding YES! A husband, two cats, a very “well-trained” dog and myself would agree. I work here, he naps here, we chat here (I’m am currently here). Needless to say, there’s lots of cush for this here tush.

Luxury for Less

Once my heart was set on velvet, there was no turning back. The living room’s future statement piece, it had to be sleek, bold and luxe (a.k.a. hot to trot). Sounds expensive, right? Well, it can be! I’d never bought an adult sofa before, so I did my research. Like a good adult.

Buying a brand spankin’ new, decadently designed, lavishly velvet, mid century style sofa can come at a price (upwards of $2800-5000 before shipping). All in at $2300 (including delivery and in-home installation) was an investment I’ll never regret. I wasn’t in town to relish in the delivery (#onlyregrat 😭), but my hubby FaceTimed me for a partial experience. Now that’s true love.

Simplicity of Choice

You might know that feeling … when you go to a restaurant, you’re freakin’ starving, you get the menu, and you’re overwhelmed by too many goddamn choices?! What I love about Article’s color selection is what I love about a really, really good restaurant: limited choices. One page, single, uno. The velvet Sven sofa comes with five color options – and that’s it! It’s a beautiful thing. Quality over quantity takes the cake for me every single time.

With simple choices comes efficiency. Unless otherwise noted, they’re stocked and ready to ship within the week. I ordered mine on a Monday and it arrived on Friday. Yeap, that’s how they do, boo.

Durability: Pets, Cleanliness & Sunlight

Let me be frank, this girl gets used. She’s no showpiece; she’s our well-loved, and well-lived on, sofa. It’s been nine months and she’s holding up fine to the test of time. Trust me, she’s seen alotta derrières.

A lot of people have asked: velvet and pets?!! *cue dramatic music* I had the same concern and Article kindly addresses this on their FAQ page (also an adorable answer). Leather is recommended to avoid any unwanted attention, but with our felines I’ve made due with the beautiful invention of hot pink Soft Claws for Cats. Works like a chaaaarrrm.


As for our very cooperative 60-lb. lap dog, Murphy helps himself to napping, mailman greeting and pillow smushing (ya bastard) 😐 while we’re out, accompanied by the gracious slobber mark on occasion. The website states the fabric is dry clean only, but I’m happy to report a cold, moist paper towel and a quick rub down with a soft bristle brush per tufted square blends that precious gift into oblivion.

This method also works when your beautiful husband comes home from an especially sweaty Crossfit workout and takes a load off on TBW before changing his gym shorts. 🙄

And let’s be real: with pets comes pet hair, people. Expect to see your beautiful, brand new velvet sofa attracting what feels like millions of precious furry family reminders. Cleaning is a form of meditation to me; I highly recommend the practice.

Regarding sun-faded fabric, I have not been negatively impacted at all. Since its arrival, my Sven sofa lives underneath a window with at least six hours of direct Southern exposure. I’m regularly flipping my cushions to keep them lookin’ oh-so-fresh and poufy (I even keep the zipper side up once in a blue to keep’m balanced). Not sure if this helps, but I can report nothing but good things in this department.

That Cascadia Blue, baby. That’s where it’s at. 🛋 (oh, there she is again).

The Particles: Customer Service

I love when I find a business with an expressive sense of humor and a good, moral company feel. Article hit this nail right on the head. The self-proclaimed “Particles,” you get the good vibes on the site and via email (if you’re anything like me, you feel like you can intuitively read people via email. Crazy? Probably. 😂).

Originally, I was torn between two colors: Grass Green and Cascadia Blue. One of those super sweet Particles swiftly responded to my inquiry and snail-mailed two fabric samples right away for nada. In fact, it’s one of my very first Instagram posts: 💚 or 💙?! To which they also replied. I love you, Particles.

In Summation

So, buying online? Truthfully, I like a little risk. The Blue Wonder was everything my modern living room dreams were founded on. It was completely out of the box from what I was accustomed to (shout out to granny’s hand-me-down couch) and so rewarding when reaping the benefit of taking that chance. It was worth every single penny, she looks damn good, and she’d holding up to regular use just fine. Thanks for kickin’ some serious tush, Article.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love my Article Sven sofa and that’s that. Respek. 👊🏻


Are you contemplating an Sven sofa by Article?

Do you have one and love it?

Tell me your stories! Ask me your questions! Permission for bragging rights starts now.






4 thoughts on “Nap Tested, Husband Approved: Why I Love My Sven Sofa”

  • I found a Grass Green Sven Sofa (72″) at a Savers near my house and immediately bought it. I do wish it was a little longer, for napping, but it fits my living room perfectly in the smaller size. My cat has taken a few swipes at the velvet, so there are some tiny missing sections, but overall, I have been very impressed with how well it’s holding up! I also loooooove the Pacific Blue color. and really all of them. yum

    Here’s my lil green Sven:

    • I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you found your Sven sofa at a Savers!!! That seriously is the gift of thriftin’ right there. I totally hear you, 72″ sounds big, but it’s a hight squeeze for a nap!! So glad to hear your sofa is holding up to a solid standard even with those dastardly feline frays (friggen’ fur babies!!). If I could have one in every color, I would be just fine with that. Thank you so, so much for sharing! xoxo

  • We purchased two of the Sven sofas in Oxford Blue leather and love it! Couldn’t be happier and will definitely purchase from them again. I decided to go for it when I saw other great reviews, like yours, for Article products. Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s so awesome, Christy!!! Thank you for your kind words. The Sven is just a dream come. 🛋

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