Design Revive 30: Bundle of Five


live design consultation
30-minute video chat
bundle of five (5) calls
six-month expiry

Back by popular demand! For the client who seeks prompt, 30-minute consultations during active home design projects.

Perplexing space? Tight budget? Don’t know where the heck to start or go next?! Design Revive is a 1:1 design consultation where we’ll virtually walk through your space together. I’ll provide tailored-to-you suggestions while you take notes and/or screenshots of on-the-spot drafted floor plans.

Introducing a bundle of five (5), 30-minute Design Revive video chats (FaceTime or Skype), so you can have a design expert on hand when you’re in need and get you one step closer toward project completion. Whether it’s one project or ten, we’re Team Get Shit Done ’round here!!

This service is designed for you if:

    • You’re actively working on a home project over time and seek snippets of advice from a design expert as you reach critical milestones. Time is money, let’s keep it movin’!
    • You’re stuck between pairing paint swatches and pattern play in wallpaper and it would give you the confidence to move forward with a second opinion.
    • You’re stylish, but you often struggle making decisions to move you forward in your growing list of home design project(s) so nothing gets done.
    • You’re planning a major renovation and want to avoid design + flow nightmares that result in thousands of misspent dollars to not even be elated with the final result.
    • You lack the confidence in asking for what you want from contractors or tradespeople who may pushback on your ideas during projects and/or renovations.
    • You’re opening a new business brick + mortar and need help figuring out how to define and lay out the entire space.

If any of these sound like you, I’m so glad you’re here. Situations like these are 💯% avoidable. Instead of feeling uncertain, you’ll have virtual, personalized advice from a designer you love and trust for a fraction of the cost of hiring a big firm or entrusting big box stores, tradespeople, etc. to get it right.

My goal is to ensure you feel good about investing in your home; have thought through all the outcomes (highs and lows!); are smitten with the final result and happy with every penny spent.⁠ Plus, you’ll save a few shekels—that’s 15%—while bundling, too.

Five (5) 30-minute video chats.
Valid for six months from date of purchase.

Upon checkout, you’ll receive a welcome email, questionnaire and details for scheduling your calls.

Have any Qs before making your purchase? Check the F.A.Q.s, Jack!