Design Revive 60


live design consultation
60-minute video chat

Perplexing space? Tight budget? Don’t know where the heck to start or go next?! Looking for a collaborative approach to get you moving n’ grooving? Let’s setup a 30–minute virtual design consultation (FaceTime or Skype) to get those creatives juices flowing.

Come and get a taste of what it’s like to work with this sassy broad! You will be amazed at what sixty minutes can do. Sometimes all you need is a few tweaks for a fresh start.

This service is designed for you if:

      • You’re looking for one-off, follow-up design support on an existing Designed to Dwell project.
      • You’re actively working on a home project over time and seek snippets of advice from a design expert as you reach critical milestones. Time is money—keep it movin’!
      • You’re stuck on picking pieces for a project and a second opinion would give you the confidence you need to move forward.
      • You’re stylish but often struggle making decisions to move you forward in your growing list of home design project(s) so nothing gets done and it drives you crazy.
      • You’re bored of a lifeless, all-white neutral palette and are ready to inject bold color into your everyday home life.
      • You’re confused on how to introduce bold color without it feeling overwhelming and are worried you’ll buy all the wrong things.
      • You’re in a rental and can’t paint the walls finding yourself struggling on how to make this house a home.
      • You’re working with a “wild old lady wallpaper” you’d like to modernize instead of paying for a costly wallpaper removal.
      • You’re clueless on how to properly use curtains with the placement of heat registers on the wall directly below.
      • You’re can’t find the right arrangement for pieces you already have (and love!) and want to explore possibilities.
      • You’re on a tight budget but crave expert advice on creating the home you dream of, that you deserve, within reach.
      • You’re interested in hiring me to design your space and would like to learn more about the process and how I work.
      • You’re stuck coordinating items or mixing patterns in rugs, wallpaper, thrift scores and furnishings in a way that feels cohesive.
      • You’ve tried decorating but aren’t happy with the results and are ready to actively improve your home (and mood, it’s science!).
      • And the list of home design conundrums goes on, and on, and on… 

60-minute video chat.

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