Holy @#$%: I’m in Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine

Holy @#$%: I’m in Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine

Guys, I’m not quite sure how to put this lightly … I’m in f*cking Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine!!!!

It was a typical day. I’m sitting at my desk, doing my thaaang, when I receive this email from none other than the bright-spirited Danielle Blundell. Rachael Ray Mag was seeking homes for their new column on Personal Spaces. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. We chatted a bit and it was determined that this was actually happening. There aren’t enough words to describe what this experience blossomed into and how incredible (and hilarious) everyone involved was. In short, it’s a dream come true.

The whole experience – and the crew – was incredible. It was such a honor to hang out with interior photographer David Land who made us laugh so hard we almost peed our pants; to witness the styling magician Jerrie Joy at work,  making our home look and feel truly authentic; and the sweet beauty maker Amanda Ambrose for keeping this gal feelin’ top notch.

A big, fat hairy goal when I kickstarted this blog was to be in a magazine one day. You know, one day in this lifetime! I repeated it often, to my closest cohorts, and I believed it when it came out of my mouth. It was, without me realizing it, a mantra of sorts. ‘Cause it actually happened. We truly are in control of manifesting our dreams.

I’m so grateful to have been offered this outstanding, life-changing opportunity. I’m indebted to YOU; my readers, my followers and my friends for your support, love, and go-gettt-emmm-sistah kinda attitude. I’m obliged the entire crew from RR who ascended upon my Connecticut home and made magic with their energy and talent. Above all, I’m truly thankful for my family (and closest framily) who’ve never stopped pushing me to go for my dreams and rock out my creative endeavors. I love you all so much. You’ve all pushed to officially become magazine ready for life.

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving with those nearest

and dearest to your hearts not too far away. 🦃

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  • I just saw you Every Day! Congratulations! While I 💙 your Blue Wonder, I want to know about your lamp beside it!

    • Thank you, Hillary!! 💖 It’s a five orb, brass arc lamp. It’s an antique I scored on Craigslist. She’s quite a sexy beast!!

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