The Best Dark Green Kitchens Like Ever

It may come as no surprise I’ve got dark green kitchens on the mind. In this ever-evolving home transformation, green has become the spirit color around here. Fifty-six bungalow-inhabiting botanicals and counting! 🌿

Cooking is a mainstay in this home. The Brigham Craftsman was endowed with quite the large kitchen, albeit not a particularly modern kitchen design. I’m dreaming in dark floor-to-ceiling green kitchen cabinets; veiny marble countertops; open wood shelving, a partial mudroom with storage; and a library ladder to make good use of this bungalow’s best architectural asset: high ceilings. Chyaaa.

Stick around ‘til the end for a more detailed look of what we’ve got going on right now.  It’s not terrible for a 25-year old, low-budget remodel, but it’s time is coming.

Best Hunter Green Kitchen Like Ever | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | Modern Kitchen Design | Green Kitchen CabinetsSource: DeVol Kitchens

To me, this is it. I love everything about this kitchen. The bold hunter green kitchen cabinets (wall color to match!) and the warmth of the hardwoods paired with the brass accents and marble countertops, hands down, steals the kitch sitch show. If I could transport this entire space from the UK to the US, it would already be happening.

Plus, this scene urges me to get cross country road tripping with my Hunny for some good ol’ fashioned midwest thrifting. Checklist: Artwork. More artwork. Repeat.

Best Hunter Green Kitchen Like Ever | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | Modern Kitchen Design | Green Kitchen CabinetsSource: Design*Sponge

I’m never quite sure how I feel about the two-tone cabinet look, but this kitch sitch speaks to me. Who doesn’t love the idea of countertop to ceiling backsplash? Nobaadhy. This bright and whimsical kitchen gives me all the feels, from the open shelving, to the bold kilim runner, earthy accents, dark green kitchen cabinets,  and bright white odds and ends.

I want to make a lasagna in here. Simple as that.

Best Hunter Green Kitchen Like Ever | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | Modern Kitchen Design | Green Kitchen CabinetsSource: Better Homes + Garden

This Victorian kitchen calls out the vintage lover in me. I love the modern, sharp trim capping off the cabinets, as opposed to an ornate crown molding. The storage game is on point, including that drool-worthy central pot rack.

I’m a sucker for soapstone and I’m digging how the hunter green kitchen cabinets pair with the rich black countertops and sink. It’s a bit on the darker side compared to marble, but certainly food for thought.

I also enjoy the challenge of incorporating a lead glass cabinet into a modern kitchen design. I love her. Like a lot, a lot.

Best Hunter Green Kitchen Like Ever | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | Modern Kitchen Design | Green Kitchen CabinetsSource: Shop Dora

This is my dreamy, wanton minimalist side calling. I’m more of a maximalist, but damn, does this space pull me in. The bright white walls, meticulously curated artwork / objects, the mid century orb and brass chandelier / pendant all make my heart go pitter patter. There’s something to be said for a herringbone pattern hardwood floor. Total kitchen goals. I’ll be pondering this space to curate a serene, sophisticated kitch sitch.

Someway, somehow.

Best Hunter Green Kitchen Like Ever | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | Modern Kitchen Design | Green Kitchen CabinetsSource: Elizabeth Roberts

This kitchen has form and function written all over it. Can you handle those architectural steel casement windows? I can’t. Or as my husband would say, I’m so odd, I can’t even. That pop of apricot in the (what I believe is an) onyx island (do correct me if I’m wrong) has me swooning!!! The clean lines, mismatched metals and dark green kitchen cabinets … tres magnifique. I could get comfortable in here right quick.



Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for … behold the Brigham Craftsman kitchen. Listen, she’s bright, full of light, and an excellent sized space for entertaining.

The previous owners did her right going with all white cabinets, simple finishes and monochromatic appliances. Although the tile and grout countertops often make me scowl. We’ve got 35-feet of countertops and a well-loved and -lived in space to recreate. Oh, and a few fluorescent lights to kill. And a few windows to raise (note how they tuck below the lower cabinet line). 😬

This was taken one month after we moved in. She don’t look much different as noted in the following, current photo below.

Cabinets for days, I know! More than I know what to do with. All’s well in the storage department, but the unusual wood trim on the countertop is cracking/losing mortar from our regular kitchen hangouts. The HVAC in this room is all screwy, too. The solution: open a couple of the lower doors.

I’m an advocate (albeit rare) to salvage the plaster swirly detail on our ceilings. It totally fits the period of the home and I love it’s unique character. The florescent light really takes it up a notch, eh?

But that linoleum tile … she gotta go. Why? She shows EVERYTHING. When you’re in a household with two dogs and two cats, this can be very unpleasant. Beneath the beast, there’s two layers of linoleum sheet tile, the first linoleum tile ever made and about 2-inches worth of plywood. There’s an extra chipped-away-to-under-the-cabinets ceramic tile layer hiding behind the facia board as well. Awesoooomme.

The “mudroom” and library ladder would take up residence in this corner nook by the back door. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, baby—for all the shoes, and the papers, and the miscellaneous things.

In my heart of hearts, I believe there’s original hardwood considering there’s a 2-inch thick saddle where the kitchen meets the dining room. Fingers crossed. For now, the dark green kitchen dream continues.








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  1. Could you please let me know the cabnet colors. I’m looking for a dark green in new construction and do not want to get it wrong.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Kelly! These are sample images I selected as inspiration for my own future cabinetry. Sadly, I do not know the exact colors being used! However, I can recommend Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore as one of the most perfect moody dark green hues! It can be seen in my office makeover below:

      Before & After: Hunter Green Home Office

  2. Hey Jessica! I am in love with the look of these kitchens! I just wanted to hop on here and say THANK YOU for helping me out with some inspiration. We are going to do a similar look for our kitchen’s cabinets.

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