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Well, blow your wig ladies n’ gents 🤯 You’re about to meet the sophisticated and moody deco lounge of dreams!! For my next blood, sweat and tears transformation, I’m teaming up with Joybird to create one dang fine swanky lounge space in the basement of my 1934 Craftsman Bungalow. Let’s just say she’s keen on a speakeasy theme.

Here’s the lowdown: this isn’t a renovation, it’s a restoration. I’m going to show you what a clever, can-do attitude, lotsa cake-batter-like paint and the right furnishings can do for you. 

Shake a leg and see to the design board, wills ya!!


In this never before seen subterranean level of the Glamazon—aka the Brigham Dungeon—I’m taking on the tedious task of rehabbing my very cool, yet very tired stone foundation. These textured walls have more potential than might seem.

What’s now a crumbly, dusty mess will soon be a clean, moody-licious shade of gray-green. To top if off, I’ll be scraping the not-so-pretty peeling paint to expose the beautiful grain of the wood rafters along the ceiling.

If you’ve been following along on ‘gram, you know damn well how scary AF is it down there. In case you missed it, have a closer looksee. Don’t be afraid, fronds (okay, maybe a liiittle afraid). 😱 Behold, the before …


The current state of lairs will be divided into two chief sections: a workbench area (DIYs fo’ life, yo) and a hooch-laden lounge harking back to the period in which the home was built (much like my latest kitchen renovation).

Since my fella utilizes this room on the reg, the design for this moody dive is harnessed with my dapper guy and our fave city cigar bar in mind. 

The moody deco lounge will adorn high-end, luxe furnishings from Joybird, including the Chesterfield-inspired Bree Leather Sofa, a sultry set of Nova Leather Swivel Chairs (for optimal entertaining and tube-turnaround purposes), the manly Hugo Coffee Table, and the petite Emmeline Accent Table. Plus, an assortment of thrifted vintage finds and smorgasbord of collected artworks. Two of which are old world-style originals straight from the set of Boardwalk Empire.

In short, the dingiest of dungeons will be transformed into a cozy, swanky retreat where all cool cats n’ kittens can kick back and shoot the breeze. Not to mention, watch the modern-day tube by a roaring electric log fire. 

Well, giggle my water!

Mark your calendars!!
FULL REVEAL: October 1st

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Ring-a-ding-ding, baby! 

This post is sponsored in part by Joybird. All thoughts, opinions, quirky thoughts and outlandish commentary are that of my own. Big, fat aces to the companies that continue to support this creative dream.

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