VIDEO!! How to Install An adorne Collection Dimmer Switch + Outlet

Straight up, I adore the adorne Collection by Legrand. It all started back in spring. I fell hard and fast for these beautiful, modern amenities the instant they graced the walls of my Green Kitchen Glamazon.

Not only are these stylish switches, outlets and wall plates a simple and affordable way to update any home, but this particular line of custom lighting controls is sleek, sexy (almost like nerdy-sexy), and comes in a wild assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. 

Now that’s classy. 👌🏻

How to Install an adorne Collection Dimmer Switch + Outlet | DIY at Home | How to Change a Light Switch

Let’s talk for a minute about the impressive line-up of options (that’s opt-chions for the readers at home). From high-quality metals, leather, wood and wallpaper pattern-matching wall plates to super stealthy and high-tech switch options, you’re basically guaranteed to discover exactly what custom finish and device speaks to you and your stylin’ nature.

In my current bold and glammy bathroom renovation (Reveal December 5th!!!), I went a little outside-of-the-box per my normal lighting control selection. It’s fun to do that, ain’t it, fronds?! The stark, graphite finish brings in just a little bitta moodiness into this bright and funky space and acts as a true statement piece. Plus, pushing all the levers and buttons is a real blast. Child at heart forever right hurrr. 

The best part yet: these fixtures are SO gosh darn incredibly easy to install, trading out the ol’ traditional toggle switch is a breeze. Trust me, there won’t be a shred of buyer’s remorse; a chronic decorator’s promise. But don’t let me spoil all the fun by reading about it, check out the video tutorial below, frond!! 

I mean, I made myself laugh, so you know it’s bound to be a good one. 😎


adorne Collection dimmer switch — Graphite
adorne Collection outlet — Graphite
adorne Collection wall plate — Graphite
Wire cutter
Wire strippers
Phillips Head Screwdriver 
Wire connectors 
Electric tape


Prior to installation, have a thorough look-see at the instructions. Then, disconnect the power at the main breaker. 

Attach the metal frame to the wall box. Pull all wires through and determine the hot (black), neutral (white) and ground (bare) wires.

How to Install an adorne Collection Dimmer Switch + Outlet | DIY at Home | How to Change a Light Switch

Cut back and strip your wires, then connect each to the appropriate terminals. The hot and white terminals are clearly labeled on the back of the device (this is a 1-pole installation). Use a Phillips head screwdriver to secure each wire into place. Beware to not over tighten. 

The derriere of adorne devices come with a graphic that precisely explains what gauge and length to cut and strip your wires back to. 

Connect each individual group of wires together. First black, then white, then ground. Use pliers to twist tautly together and give the connection a clean cut. Secure each grouping with a wire connector. Per my stepdaddio, go the extra added mile of applying electric tape (fa’ safety.)

Firmly push the switch and/or outlet into the frame until you hear a snippity snap. Then, secure the wall plate the same way, pressing firmly on all sides until you hear it snap into place.

Reconnect the power at the breaker and marvel at your gorgeous new accoutrement!!! She flickers ohhhh so dang nice. 

Make sure to watch the video to see why we had to try it twice to get it right (full disclosure: it was 100% family user error 😂).

This post is sponsored by the adorne Collection by Legrand. All experience and opinions expressed are my own. Gracious thanks to the fantastic companies that continue to support this budding lifestyle blog.

How to Install an adorne Collection Dimmer Switch + Outlet | DIY at Home | How to Change a Light Switch

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  1. OMG … I loved watching this video!!! I never thought watching an electrical outlet install could be this much fun!!

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