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I’ve been keeping a secret from youse guys. Terrible, I know. Butttt are you excited? GOOD. Mission accomplished. ‘Cause the supa secret I’ve stowed is one badass, bold and glammy guest bathroom remodel concept I’m beyond pumped to share witchu. 

Are you ready to see the most amazing statement tile of your life? Hope you’re sitting down; pretty sure this is gonna knock your dang socks off … 

Behold: the mood board + befores!!!


Let’s talk specifics. In this renovation, we have quite the unique galley-style guest bathroom featuring steeply vaulted, knotty pine paneled ceilings varying from nine-feet to just beyond 12-feet tall. She’s awful lengthy spanning 10.6-feet deep and rather slender at 3.8-feet wide. The layout will remain the same, albeit each section is being spiced up way more than this blue beluga before you. 😟🐳

Bold Glam Guest Bathroom Remodel | Bathroom Mood Board | Bathroom Decor Ideas | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life |

My goal for the shower is simply a “walk-in tile moment,” spotlighting a wildly geometric, cobalt blue and gold statement encaustic tile backsplash that will continue to the floor and around a built-in curb (that’s right vinyl bath fitter—begone!!). Then, it’s all in the deets: an exposed brass shower set, frameless fixed glass panel, a standout “qui-niche” (contractor yoke 😄) and extra large, glossy white subway tile staggered from floor to ceiling finished off with a pencil-thin bullnose. Oh yeaaah.

PRO TIP: Opted for extra large subway tile to frame the bold hex tile backsplash for two reasons: to seamlessly blend the white walls and knotty pine ceiling and also to keep this view from looking like pointy, blue bat ears. 🦇

By the way, the encaustic tiles are inspired by the intricate design of a spider’s web, which uniquely lends itself toward an unusually delicious deco vibe. Also, they’re called Gold Widow Hex Tile. Triple awesome. 

Sketchy, sketchy, sketch.

PRO TIP: Initially, I was seeking to have the shower pan flush with the floor, but the drain would have needed to be relocated. Installing a curb and tiling it seamlessly with the backsplash and floor will not only help it blend beautifully, this decision significantly cut back plumbing costs as well.

The see-ya-buh-bye custom-tiled vanity is being updated with a petite, modern and sleek floating vanity with a basin countertop and storage a’plenty. An oversized mirror, four-bulb linear globe bath light, and Legrand switches and outlets providing pops of contrasting graphite will take centerstage.

Take note, fronds: Stay tuned for an upcoming video tutorial on how to install these Legrand beauties all by your lonesome (eta November 21st).

Bold Glam Guest Bathroom Remodel | Bathroom Mood Board | Bathroom Decor Ideas | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life |

Will we find a giant (or perhaps multiple) pieces of artwork to bestow the these hefty walls? A THRIFTER NEVER KNOWS. What I do know is these puppies will be painted a bright, gleaming white to make up for the lack of windows. And the laaawd said, let there be reflected light!!

Bold Glam Guest Bathroom Remodel | Bathroom Mood Board | Bathroom Decor Ideas | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life |
Coming up: The cobalt blue has an even richer hue whence the tile is sealed.

I’m a sucker for wood floors in bathrooms (hey, it’s better than rugs). Since that wood-n’t (😂) be the most durable for longterm bathroom use, I’ll be installing a honey-colored, faux wood tile to blend with the existing floors instead. Not to mention, that nifty, ocean-like tile wainscoting is taking a train to never coming back here again and replaced with the beauty of brand new sheetrock (and fresh paint, obvy).

Needless to say, I’M PUMPED, PARTY PEOPLE!!! Construction is kicking off this week, so be sure to follow along with me on Instagram for the latest updates!

Ta-ta for now!! 👋🏻

This post is sponsored by Legrand and The Tile Shop. All opinions and experience are my own. Thank you so much for supporting this budding lifestyle blog!

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  1. OH WHAT?! This is happening?!!?!? This is going to be glorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the end result – the mood board has already got me really excited – I’m a big fan of Justina Blakeney’s blue hex tiled shower. Cheering you on from over here!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Oh, babe—you haven’t seen nuthin’ yet!!! Gettin’ sooooo close to the finish line. How can one NOT be obsessed with JB’s b-room 🤤 Thanks for the love, girl!!

  2. Hi there! Love your mood boards. 😊 What program do you use to design them?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thank you! I use Adobe Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator 🎨

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