Boho Mod Glam Entryway – One Room Challenge – Week Two

Hooo lawdy, it’s week two! If this is your first visit, make sure to check out my initial post—Boho Mod Glam Entryway – One Room Challenge – Week One—before scooting along!

Work-wise, I’m right on track. I purchased poplar to build my shelves, removed the front door and painted the raw wood trim (finally!) and caulked the unsightly spots in the raw trim as well as the existing. This girl realized when she was knee-deep in paint that it was time to freshen up ALL the trim. That’s on this coming week’s agenda, along with stripping all them doors.

And for my husband’s sake, cue “Cherry Pie” by Warrant. 🤣

The final stretch of week one was coming up with inspiration for the bold color behind the shelving as well as some final details that POP! I can’t seem to come across any bold entryways that strike my fancy, so I pulled tidbits of inspiration from here, there and everywhere.

The internal debate is whether to go solid, paint something abstract or find just the right patterned stencil. I’m still on the fence, but here’s a look at where my brain’s at:

Boho Mod Glam Entryway | One Room Challenge | Week Two | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

Source: Lonny

I love the way a bold, striking color stands out behind shelving. As much as I love this shade of teal, my decision is between the chartreuse I used in my previous one room challenge hallway or a rich coral. If I go a solid, the final stylings will be critical in creating a punchy finished product.

Source: Roseanne Chan (Pinterest)

Who doesn’t love a deep green palm on pink??! 😍🌴 This is more in line with the pinkish colors I’m leaning toward.

Boho Mod Glam Entryway | One Room Challenge | Week Two | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

Source: Modern Findings

This color combo though. Methinks it would be a fun idea to paint an abstract of color (like so) behind the shelving for some extra added oomph. The former college kid in me is all about calling out dat inner artist. It’s been a minute.

Source: Refinery29

These shelves are precious, aren’t they? I’m just digging the idea of painting an abstract combination of colors behind the shelves, and Justina’s jungalow never disappoints.

Source: Royal Design Studio

This stencil speaks to me. The design is called “opposites attract” and, quite frankly, makes me want an exact charcoal-colored replica. It’s definitely too dark for what I have envisioned, but still a decorative contender nonetheless.

I’m also torn on two pillows. I’m stuck between this vibrant shag pillow from World Market and this precious rose tasseled throw pillow from Urban Outfitters.

What will I decide? Only the universe knows. I’ve got next week to ponder all of these little pretties and then it’s time to tango. Trust me, it’s something a girl needs to keep her company when she’s scrubbing the heck outta multiple coats of paint and some serious fumes. Wish me luck strippin’, mk? Tutorial coming soon!


One Room Challenge | Desert Chic Guest Room | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

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  1. Love this project and the set up of the little entrance area into the foyer. Love the inspos. I’m a new follower and as soon as I survive my own ORC I plan to sit down with your blog, scroll back and catch up!!

  2. I have the tassel blanket from Urban that matches that pillow- and I love it.

  3. I Love it Jessica! It’s going to be amazing!!!!

  4. I feel like our Boho Babes should be meet. 😝 Can’t wait to see how it all shapes up. Cheers to palm fronds!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Uhmm absolutely!! I’m absolutely dying to see what happens with your colorful cabana 💛💛💛💛

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