How To Install Removable Wallpaper (It’s so easy!!)

Removable wallpaper is a designer’s dream come true. Simple as that. Oh, you’ve got a bubble there? Let’s smooth that sucker right out. Not feeling this design after some time? Hell, just rip it down and start anew.

The best part: you basically need two hands to hang it.

Not all wallpapers are created the same. Sometimes the paper is dense and thick and other times it’s a more vinyl-like fabric and pliable. There’s half-drop and straight repeat patterns. Make sure to read the specifications in good detail to be ready what’s in store. The first time I got half-drop, I full dropped I was so confused. 😙

Boho Mod Glam Entryway | One Room Challenge | Week Two | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

My Coloray Experience

For my latest project — Boho Mod Glam Entryway – One Room Challenge – THE REVEAL!! — I had all the heart eyes set on Coloray’s Tropical Palm Leaf Wallpaper. I mean, the pattern is just perfect. I was even MORE excited when I learned this pattern could be custom cut to fit my funky little foyer. After a few back-and-forths getting the proper dimensions, I couldn’t wait to see this beauty at my door.

The shipping tube arrived with my wallpaper as well as recommended tips and instructions. The custom cuts were remarkably accurate—I was super impressed!! I printed out the foyer diagram, laid out the paper and assembled supplies. I did my best to flatten out the panels, but they were rather large and needed more time.

PRO TIP: If you have the space, I’d recommend laying out the panels and weighing them down with heavy books to flatten a day or so prior to application.

How to Install Removable Wallpaper | Peel & Stick | Self-Adhesive | Colorary | Tropical Palms | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

I’ve installed a lot of wallpaper. Coloray’s quality is off the charts. Their self-adhesive wallpaper is incredibly pliable and forgiving. The paper is made of a high-quality vinyl-like fabric, which makes installation go by easy as pie. If it felt off, the peel and stick wallpaper easily peels up and sticks back down. 

My foyer is quite small with unusual open spaces. Buying an entire roll would have resulted in a lot of waste. Having the ability for custom cuts made this job so much easier to install. This 3′ x 4.5′ space took three hours to complete.

Boho Mod Glam Entryway | One Room Challenge | Week Two | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

PRO TIP: It’s good to reserve some of your scraps should you have to cover any nail holes or fix any unwanted damage that occurs over time.


Removable Wallpaper
X-Acto Knife
Step Ladder
Two Hands


Start by measuring the highest point in the room. You want to make sure your wallpaper reaches the top all the way around. I live in an old home where nothing is square and plum, so this is a critical step.

With custom cut panels, I started with the largest piece and worked clockwise. Peel off about 10” of the backing to start. Then use your hands—in a swooping side-to-side motion—to slowly press and smooth down the self-adhesive wallpaper, peeling more backing off as you conclude each section.

Use an x-acto knife to make sharp ceiling and molding cuts. I always looking at where I’m going versus where I’m at to keep the cuts prompt and precise.

HUZZAH! Pour a glass of wine, sit back and admire your work, because you just installed a BBB (big, bold and beautiful) statement piece.

PRO TIP: Do not apply removable wallpaper to freshly painted walls. Make sure the paint has cured for a minimum of three weeks. Why? The adhesive could form to the walls and therefore create damage when removed.

In Conclusion

Wallpaper is such a great way to show off your personality and sense of style. Plus, with removable wallpaper, you can be worry-free—change your mind on the design, quickly remediate installation mishaps, reuse in another place or project and rid yourself of any home resale concerns. It’s really the whole shebang, as they say.

I’ve been traumatized removing wallpaper. Never again, my friend. Never again. Peel and stick wallpaper firmly bids adieu to the nasty days of blue goop and welcomes a whole world of design at your fingertips. Or really, your own two hands.



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