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One Room Challenge: Modern Boho Bathroom Reveal

Up first, a resounding round of applause for errrybahdy who took part in this challenge. Seriously, you deserve it. Who knew six weeks could be so terrifying and exciting all at once? I didn’t, but I do now. This Modern Boho Bathroom couldn’t take me down. I regret nothing. #noregratz

Anywhosits, it is with great pleasure I present my One Room Challenge Modern Boho Bathroom reveal!!! I’ve redecorated many times before, but this boho chic bathroom remodel came out so close to my inspiration board, I did a double take. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with a before & after, shall we?

One Room Challenge - Modern Boho Bathroom - Jessica Brigham - Magazine Ready for Life For Less


Once a drab, sage green space with matte textured walls (srsly?!) and 6”x6” discount white tile, this boho style bathroom was transformed with new brass fixtures, a boatload of high gloss paint, a bit of stenciling, and a selection bright and eclectic finds, old and new.

How did we get here? A few leaps and a lotta bounds.

It started with the shower curtain – a Tommy Bahama swaying palm leaf fabric. I swooped her up right quick with that new-fashioned, one-click buying (thank you, Amazon). Once I secured this bold pattern, I made it a point to utilize color and the high ceiling in this windowless bathroom to my advantage.

Growing up, we often painted rooms a variety of different colors (I call this the Starbucks Syndrome). The last few years I’ve trended towards white and gray walls with the color focus in my collected pieces. To make this 8’ x 8’ bath appear bigger, I painted high gloss white on the walls and trim. White may very well be the best of bathroom colors. She’s so dang shiny, baby!! Easy to clean, too. 😏

The best happenstance was the hunter green ceiling. When we removed the cruddy ceiling fan, we discovered a gigantic (and useless) 1-foot square metal box fan. Since I now had to sheetrock a massive hole and paint the ceiling, I went with my gut (with lots of amazing encouragement!!) and painted my first moody ceiling EVER.

Guys, paint your ceilings! THEY LOOK AMAZING. Not only does the bathroom ceiling paint tie the room together color wise, it’s a great contrast to the brass flush mount light fixture as well (which I scored for $15 at the H4H ReStore. The vanity fixture was also $15 … C’moonnnn!!).

If you’re thinking of painting a ceiling: get on that. STAT.

The most eventful (and possibly fatal) was the faucet replacement. Major props 👊🏻 to my Daddio for getting the brass beast working. Long story short, we couldn’t get the pedestal sink off the wall without the threat of breakage because it was cemented together. Why? Who knows. He managed to replace the hardware working against the wall after a few days of fun. I love my family. They’re nothing short of badass.

Then there’s the floor. How I feel about painting ceilings is now how I feel about stenciling floors. Can you paint tile? Yes. Yes you can.

My long-term dream was to chuck the tile and replace it with wood floors (which is why I didn’t bother replacing the cheap floor trim to match the tall molding in my home). Well, after using this Contempo stencil, I won’t be changing up this tile floor for a looonggg time. One quart of white chalk paint, one 8-ounce jar of gold chalk paint, three coats of leftover exterior polyurethane, and five hours of time is what it took to create this encaustic-like masterpiece. Boy, put that sledgehamma away!!! She’s here to stay.

Finally, my favorite part: the finishing touches!!! Let’s talk about the highlight of my bathroom life: Pepe & Carols. Gorgeous to look at and a sturdy feel, the “classic” 8” solid brass hand towel bar and 3” rod robe hooks are the most beautiful brass beauties I’ve ever seen. They might tarnish, but pffft … this girl and patina are BFFLs. If they go too far, a polishing cloth will do just fine.

Neat-o fact: the cactus and pineapple laden pictures frames are actually medicine cabinets! The coolest addition of the previous bathroom design. You can find them over at The Concealed Cabinet.

The rest: trash was this girl’s treasure. The little brass soap dish is from my local hardware store. I found it laying on the ground two years ago with no price and my guy’s like, “Eh, just take it.” Score. My redheaded friend pointed out my redheaded pin-up in a thrift shop, so I’ve named her Cassie. 😉 I also spray-painted the old curtain rod and toilet bowl cleaner to save some bucks. Links to more resources below!

All in all, I’m deeee-lighted. It’s about 95% in here. There are a few vintage apothecary jars I’d like to bring in to slay with the gold accents, but not very much surface area to store. A cabinet between the toilet and sink or a shelf (or two) above the hand towel bar will be incorporating their convenient selves sometime soon. Also, brass interchangeable nameplates above the towel rods for our guests. Because hospitality, yo.

It’s been a heck of a time taking this journey alongside so many talented creators!!! Thanks for your kind words and support throughout this whole process. If you need me, I’ll be perusing reveals over on the One Room Challenge bloggity over heaaa! Cha-cha-check’m out.

So much love to Pepe & Carols for supplying the gorgeous solid brass hardware used in this makeover. All opinions and experience expressed here are my own.


Pepe & Carols
Solid Brass Hand Towel Bar
Brass Rod Robe Hooks

Royal Design Studio
Contempo Trellis Stencil

Vivid Atelier
Cactus & Pineapple Printable Wall Art

Home Depot
White Chalk Paint
Gold Chalk Paint

Swaying Palm Leaf Shower Curtain
Double Handle Brass Faucet
Brass Plug Drain
Rattan Bamboo Toilet Seat
Toilet Paper Holder (similar)

Bed Bath & Beyond
Hunter Green Towels


How did your One Room Challenge go? Did anyone else do a bathroom?! Are you interested in a tutorial on how to paint your tile floor? Would love to hear from you!! Leave a comment below. 💕

One Room Challenge - Modern Boho Bathroom - Jessica Brigham - Magazine Ready for Life For Less



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  1. jessica, this is SO flippin’ fun! i love the colors and patterns! and i love the unexpected yellow and green combo!

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you so much, Cassie!!! 💕💕💕

  2. I love it ! My favorite is all the brass accents- and where is this hardware store so I can find an awesome soapdish like that on the ground to take home for free!? Now, excuse me while I go try and paint my bathroom floor like that ; )

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Oh, Diane, thank you!! Just luck of the draw!!! 😂😅

  3. I love green! Such a fun happy place. I think the green paired with the yellow and gold tones is such a pretty combination. Great work!~

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you so much, Shonee!! 😍

  4. Jessica! It’s gorgeous!! I love it!! That shower curtain is everything!! After I mentally recover from this challenge, I’m going to finish up my powder bath and I painted my tile too and it turned out awesome! I love yours😍 Great job girl!!

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Girl, you got guts!!! I like that! Thank you so much, Summer!! 💕

    We are so happy to be a part of this beautiful room and working with you was great. If you need some shelves, just let me know!


    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Oh, Krystal!! You made my whole day! Thank you so much 💓 It was so awesome working with you guys as well – your work took this bathroom to a whole new level!! I’ll be shooting you an email with pics this weekend! Talk soon 😘😘

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Isn’t she a beaut?!! Thanks so much, Jillian!!

  6. What a smart and functional use of the palms on the shower curtain! Ive seen designers quickly use this as a wall covering, but that doesn’t leave much open for future changes. Im loving all of your decisions and want to extend my kudos on a beautiful ORC completion!

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you so much, Courtney!! It’s very true … I’m totally thinking wallpaper in teeny foyer though! 😆🌿🌴 Cannot resist!!

  7. In a word … AMAZING 🌴🌺💕❤️👌👍🏻🌴!!!!!

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you, Mama!!! I love you!!!

  8. Oh my! You really thought this through because it looks magnificent! The floor stencil looks amazing and I love the ceiling color.

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you so, so much, Delia!!! 💓

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole!!!

  9. Did you need to prime before or seal afterwards your stenciled floor? Cool!!

    1. jessicabrigham says:

      Heya Nik! No priming necessary with chalk paint, it literally covers ANYTHING. You do need to seal it, however, otherwise it would slowly speckle away. I used an exterior polyurethane, which gave my floor a yellow tint. I’ve since learned that I could’ve used an exterior natural paver sealer, which would seal the floor as well as retain the bright white I originally intended. I still love it no matter what!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I love it and am thrilled to know it inspired you. 💜

  10. I just love this! We are redoing a similar-sized bathroom, and this was just the inspiration we needed. What brand paint and color did you use for the ceiling? And I’m curious as to whether you covered the in-shower tile a la your DIY kitchen backsplash project, or did you leave it for a future project?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Christa!! Thank you so much; I’m still in love with this bathroom! The ceiling paint is Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore (same as my office!!). As far as the shower tile, I left her as is! The colors played well-enough with the re-design, and for the most part they’re hidden with the curtain closed! Only thing is the tile is off-white, which I’m not a huge fan of. The product I used on my kitchen backsplash would ABSOLUTELY work in the shower (at least according to the instructions and uses!). My only concern would be the moisture since our bathroom isn’t well-ventilated. If you’re considering it, I’d give it a go, especially if you really dislike the shower tile you have!!

  11. Jessica griffin says:

    Hi Jessica! Love the bathroom redo! I’m thinking of giving my bathroom ceiling some life and color. Any suggestions for the sheen? Thanks -jess

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Get it!! Luster or high gloss in a bathroom always! Easiest to clean. Xox

  12. Oh my! You really thought this through because it looks magnificent! The floor stencil looks amazing and I love the ceiling color.

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