A Marvelous Mudroom Makeover with DRYLOK

Home makeovers; it’s like giving a mouse a cookie. You know how the story goes. You finish one project and then, almost instantaneously, the next one emerges. Oh, the joys of homeownership!

After transforming my dungeon-like basement into a spectacular speakeasy, the adjoining vestibule with its various bugs, grime, strangely-painted walls and things perpetually tossed was in dire need of rehab and purpose.

Henceforth, this marvelous mudroom makeover with my choice make-masonry-better mavens at DRYLOK commenced.

Behold the Before & After!!!

What this mudroom desperately needed was simply two things: paint and organization. My husband utilizes this entrance on the daily and between workout clothes, firefighting gear, countless pairs of black vans, miscellaneous papers and gosh knows what else, I went on a mission to make this the best damn mudroom for all of his husbandly needs. And good-lookin’ (just like him), too. 

Bitta backstory: this cellar walkout previously featured your basic bulkhead (also commonly known as bilco) doors. The bulkhead doors were removed and this quaint antechamber was erected. It’s unique to our bungalow and, in fact, rather cute. Since form was already working in its favor, all that was left was function.

That’s where DRYLOK’s Concrete Floor Paint (CFP) comes in. These guys mean business when it comes to restoring old, beat-up masonry. After successfully converting a moisture-laden basement into a usable everyday space with DRYLOK’s Basement & Masonry Waterproofer, I was more than pumped to see what CFP had up its sleeve.

DIY | Marvelous Mudroom Makeover | Mudroom Design Ideas | Home Improvement | DRYLOK x Jessica Brigham | JessicaBrigham.com


FAB FACT: DRYLOK’s products are so dang good they’re guaranteed for life. So much so, even though YOU did the work that guarantee passes on to the next owner(s) of your home. That’s what I’d like to call legit. Too legit to quit. 🙌🏻

After scraping away the peeling paint, I swept up the debris and ensured all the nooks were dust-free with a bristle brush and slop mop. Since this is a high-traffic (and previously painted) stairwell, I applied a first coat of full-strength CFP and let cure for a minimum of four hours. In fact, it was such an immensely hot and humid day, I didn’t even touch it for at least 24 hours. 

For the second coat, I tinted what was left in the can (about a half-gallon) to my custom color—Brigham Green—for a cohesive and seamless transition into the lounge scene where said custom color first came to be. 

What I love most about CFP is the non-slip grip. These cellar stairs are super duper steep and every step uneven in height. Old house probs, amirite?! Nevertheless, you can really feel the rubbery traction and that’s a huge bonus in this space. 


DIY | Marvelous Mudroom Makeover | Mudroom Design Ideas | Home Improvement | DRYLOK x Jessica Brigham | JessicaBrigham.com


  • When applying to previously painted surfaces, apply at least one full-strength coat.
  • If paint is peeling, scrape away as much as possible. Clean thoroughly with a bristle brush and slop mop. 
  • Let the first coat cure for at least four hours before the second coat.
  • CFP is a thinner, drippy paint! Diligently check for puddling or drips.

To finish up this mudroom makeover, I applied matching paint over the curious color-blotched walls (like who looks at that and says nailed it 😂); installed a clever curation of organizational components (still waiting on the laundry bin!); mounted a fabulous DIY plug-in from thrifted and vintage-inspired supplies; and, of course, dolled it up a touch with home decor.

With all these elements combined, this formerly flustered foyer is now a delightfully marvelous mudroom with purpose. Amazing what a heckuva lotta paint can do, eh? 

This post is sponsored by DRYLOK. All experiences and outlandish commentary are my own. Incredibly thankful to the great companies who continue to support this online magazine.

DIY | Marvelous Mudroom Makeover | Mudroom Design Ideas | Home Improvement | DRYLOK x Jessica Brigham | JessicaBrigham.com
DIY | Marvelous Mudroom Makeover | Mudroom Design Ideas | Home Improvement | DRYLOK x Jessica Brigham | JessicaBrigham.com

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  1. I just love this! I have a similar set up in my house and have wanted to turn the stairwell leading to the basement into a mudroom for ages since there isn’t adequate space anywhere else. This is the perfect inspiration for my project!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Delighted to hear it, Teresa!! Take B&A pics and share your progress—would love to see what you come up with!

  2. How do I get the same paint color?? I loooove it! Such a beautiful transformation!

  3. Was this your bilco door entrance? Can you show a pic from the outside?

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