E-Decor Spotlight: Big, Bold, Beautiful Boss Babe’s Home Office

Welcome to the next enchanting edition of E-Decor Spotlights! One of the best parts of my interior styling business is having the pleasure of working with exceptional clients, both virtually and in-person, to create compelling concepts for dubious spaces in their homes. 

What’s E-Decor? E-Decor is an affordable online design service where I’m meticulously attentive to your personal sense of style, wants and needs. After I’ve hammered out those deets with you via good ol’ fashioned telephone, you’ll receive a fully personalized Design Schematic to propel taking action on your dream space. 

You can learn more about this affordable, make-ish-happen service here.

This month, I’m sharing one of my freshest concepts from the new year: this big, bold, beautiful boss babe’s home office. When your client strikingly describes her style as “Gracious Soigné Eclectic,” ya know it’s going to be a goodie.

My client recently moved into a workweek pied-à-terre with a pale gray canvas. A lover of Hollywood Regency, midcentury and Parisian motifs, finding clever ways to inject bold color and character in this rental was of utmost importance.  



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Three of my favorite ways to elevate a rental—especially when painting or removing carpet is frowned upon—are 1) removable wallpaper; 2) large, cover-the-whole-dang-carpet kind of area rugs; and 3) plug-in wall sconces. The rest of the furnishings can move with you.

Coming to the table with nine (super cute) Anna Bond travel prints she repurposed and framed herself, these artworks were the foundation for a colorful and sophisticated workweek abode with “easy-to-live-in elegance” and has a magazine-ready kind of comfortable. 


Placing the desk in a power position was a primary goal of this home office layout. I couldn’t love this ask more as I often encourage moving furniture away from interior walls when physically possible. A centralized work desk gives rise to a unique flow while evoking a fierce tenacity, the perfect juju for anyone who aims to get ish done.  

The home office gave way to two strong placements of the desk and mod, texture-laden seating area, both intentionally framed by a bold background— on one side a styled shelving unit and stacked artworks on the other. This sophisticated boss babe has options, should she feel the need to shift the energies around.

Who doesn’t love options?! #chronicrearrangerforlyfe


These behind-the-scenes getting those creative gears going? Let’s get you on track to transform your home together. Book an E-Decor project with me, JB!

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