Habitat for Humanity x Raymour & Flanigan Master Bedroom Makeover

This home makeover was generously sponsored by Raymour & Flanigan. Our crew is ever-grateful for R&F’s efforts to make this wonderful family fashionably cozy in their new home.

Over the past few months, I had the honor and privilege to join Bloggers Heart Habitat, the benevolent brainchild of Charlotte Smith on her latest project—an entire home installation for Habitat for Humanity in partnership with Raymour & Flanigan! 🏡

This magnificent group of designers and bloggers took on the design, decoration and furnishing of a brand new home for one very deserving family. On May 2nd, this fine group of women gathered at the newly-constructed house to ensure when the family arrived for the unveiling, it felt like their forever home.

In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and Raymour & Flanigan, our crew split up into teams to develop designs for every space—the family room, dining room, outdoor deck, nursery, little girl’s room, guest bedroom and the master bedroom. With great delight, I took on the master bedroom with the dream team, comprising of Diane Rath of The Rath Project and Kelly Bryant of Street Flea Style, with the excellent day-of assistance from Samantha Lauren of Simply Necessary.

The Dream Team: Diane Rath of The Rath Project, Kelly Bryant of Street Flea Style and moi!



How precious and cozy is this master bedroom makeover?! The family sought a modern yet rustic feel with elements of Asian culture and feng shui. Diane graciously spearheaded a fantastic vision board that balanced an array of soothing colors with grounding, modern finishes. In our group’s first ever Google Hangout (gotta start somewhere 😂), we chatted out every fine detail and scheduled to meet an equidistant Raymour & Flanigan showroom to get our selections ordered and en route!

We had ourselves a darn good time, to say the least …

😂 #howtoshoplikeaninteriordesignblogger 😂

What I love the most about this transformation is the depth and dimension this dream team created in an roughly 10-foot x 12-foot space. By introducing the broad headboard of the Bancroft Queen Bed juxtaposed with floor-to-ceiling curtains on a single rod to accentuate both window walls, this master bedroom naturally feels GINORMOUS! Flanked by two sleek Aversa Nightstands, these rich wood bedside tables pop among the bright white linen curtains. Also, how can you not love those petite, concrete Drexel Table Lamps? Waaaant! #presh

Awesomely enough, the mattress and box spring also came from Raymour & Flanigan—they truly are a one-stop shop!!

Opposite the bed, the Aversa Bedroom Dresser was the perfect place to insert creative touches, greenery and sentimental photographic pieces. The sizable abstract wall art—The Bradys—was a shopping day find (Raymour & Flanigan in-store only purchase) and tied in every single brilliant and jovial hue incorporated into this master bedroom, including the color burst of blue hues in the Brinley Area Rug. With a few hefty cuttings from Diane’s cherry blossom tree, I’d say we iced the be-cheezus outta this credenza-like cake!!

That “Home” doodle on the black globe … be still my heart.

Every single time, it’s the small details that make every room. Not too many, and not too sparse, of course. Across from the loset, the Tatiana Storage Bench is a welcome touch of glitz, glam and elegance as well as additional storage. In my opinion, errrrybody needs a soft and velvety surface to pop a squat while they’re readying for the day. Just sayin’. 😏 Our dream team also brought in fabulous finishing touches for the space and, in fact, thrifted those gorgeous gilded bamboo-framed artwork the day of install. Now that’s what I call resourcefulness. #lovemycrew

When the family arrived to catch a glimpse this new house becoming a home, it was nothing short of heartwarming to wtiness. Every room was delivered with such love and care, I could feel the joy and jubilance in their hearts. Our dream team smiled from ear-to-ear when they hopped right into bed. We’d done our job, and done it well. 🙌🏻

I can’t thank Charlotte enough for inviting me to participate in such a warm, wonderful and incredible cause. Wishing the well-deserving family many years of happiness, prosperity and love in their beautiful new home.

Check out this amazing crew!!!

At Charlotte’s House | Bloggers Heart Habitat

Master Bedroom:
The Rath Project
Street Flea Style
Jessica Brigham

Girls Bedroom & Nursery: 
At Charlotte’s House
Kate Smith Interiors
A Seasoned Home

Family Room:
Made by Carli

Dining Room/Kitchen:
Weekend Craft

Guest Bedroom:
A Home to Grow Old In

Raymour & Flanigan Sources:
Bancroft Queen Bed
Queen Mattress
Bellanest Royal Supreme Low Profile Box Spring
Maison Loft Table Lamp
Drexel Table Lamp
Aversa Bedroom Dresser
Aversa Nightstand
Brinley Area Rug
Wall Art
Tatiana Storage Bench

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