Head Over Heels for My Hallman Range: The Ultimate Review

Editor’s Update, 11/14/2023: It has just come to my attention Hallman Industries has asked all first generation range customers to purchase replacement parts (for $1500 😦) as a contingency since Hallman will no longer guarantee their stock, which includes extended warranty customers. This extremely disappointing and unprofessional business stunt compelled me to caution anyone reading this popular review in advance. This company produces beautiful ranges, but as you’ll read in the years worth of comments below, has also been known to produce lemons from time-to-time, has remarkably long lead times and potentially dubious service standards. This announcement is next level troubling and feels like a solid betrayal to their customer base. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not purchase an extended warranty (call me a risk-taker), I will not be purchasing replacement parts (the proper thing to do would be to provide these soon-to-be defunct and critical parts to warranty customers free-of-charge) and continue to enjoy my range regularly for the past four years. Just a fair warning to purchase at your own risk.


Kitchen renovations aren’t for the faint of heart. With details up the wazoo, finding the right appliance that’s easy on the eyes, works like a champ AND within budget is a massive undertaking. Even if you discover exactly what you’re looking for—stylistically and within price range—it’s like taking a shot in the dark on whether it’s up to the task.

Well, I’m here to tell you if you’re planning a kitchen renovation and eyeing a Hallman range, this hot ticket item is worth every single cent. She fine like a damn wine. Let me explain why:

Hallman Range Antique White | One Room Challenge | Green Kitchen Glamazon | Kitchen Mood Board | Open Kitchen Design | Kitchen Renovation | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | www.jessicabrigham.com

Right Outta The Box

During my recent kitchen renovation, I purchased a 36-inch Hallman range in Antique White. This dual fuel, five-burner range features a gas-powered stovetop and electric, multifunction oven with nine unique cooking options. From pizza- to grill-cooking, upper and lower roasting elements, defrost function AND a turnspit, this range makes for a cooking experience akin to Christmas morning for any “chef on the side.” It me.

Each of the five burners feature a brass, cuff-like element that’ll make a glammy girl squeal. The tiny, yet thoughtful design element just adds that juusczh. My plumber feared it would wear off quickly, but NUH UH, GIRL. It looks slightly darker than new, but hasn’t worn off at all after three months of regular use. 

My Hallman range came with two unexpected, added bonuses I never knew I always needed. A fry pan (a.k.a. solid af griddle) that spans the depth of the center burner and did you catch my mention of a TURNSPIT? Yeah, it’s got that, too. One of many multifunctions, you can either roast some sweet meat on the accompanying stand or just stick that ‘spit in its turning hole. Stahhhp. 

Real Good Looks

Hallman ranges blend old world charm with new age convenience. I mean, they’re just sexy. Just look at ‘er. Sleek, compact, a bit glamtastic; I fell to pieces when I locked eyes with those playful, brass knobs and handlebars. Hallman ranges come in all different colors and metal finishes, so you can undoubtedly find one perfect for you and your home. 

Fact: Antique White was not my original choice! Due to timeline constraints and availability, my initial plan for a bright white range fell through. Its closest comparable: Antique White. The product photos online depicted this heavily yellow-cream-looking range. This wasn’t inspiring the kitchen designer inside me, until I came across this fantastic kitchen reveal post from Design Loves Detail. Once I saw that beauty basked in natural light—winner, winner, chicken dinner! This slight off-white added yet another delicious layer to the kitchen design and really tied in every gold accoutrement in the space.

Let’s move down to them legs. First of all, how cute are they? (Saaah cute.) Second of all, these legs are the best legs of all the range legs. Might not sound like much, but in a house that prides itself on cleanliness, but also happens to be filled with furballs, that little leg lift is just where it needs to be to suck up a plethora of furry tumbleweeds. Gross, unwanted, pet hair ecosystem—be gone!!

Hallman Range Antique White | The Glamazon Home Tour | Summer 2019 | Boho Modern Eclectic Glam | Home Design | House Inspiration | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life

Operation: Awesome

What I love the most about this cook lover’s range is the stovetop design—it makes such great use of the space. Every grill intersects tightly and creates this open, flat surface to move pans around freely. To top that off, the stovetop rarely feels dirty. I’ve got a lifelong experience of common 30-inch ranges under my belt, and I swear to you, I could never keep those bad boys clean. Now, I’ll cook ‘til my heart’s content and maybe after the fifth or sixth use, I’ll give her a good ol’ fashioned wipe down.

PRO TIP: These stainless steel wipes have saved my liiiife.

I’ve been blown away (my husband, too) at how evenly the burners distribute heat. I’ve made some damn good, late-night grilled cheeses I should seriously be writing about. The multifunction oven falls fast in line with this category of heat excellence, roasting and browning many savory dishes to perfection over the past few months. Seriously, it cooks faster and more evenly than any other range I’ve ever used. Scouts honor.

Hallman Range Antique White | One Room Challenge | Green Kitchen Glamazon | Kitchen Mood Board | Open Kitchen Design | Kitchen Renovation | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | www.jessicabrigham.com

A Few Learning Quirks

There’s a handful of quirks worth noting about installing and operating a Hallman range. For a dual fuel range, a 220-volt outlet is required to operate such a powerful cooking machine (it’s like a lotta BTUs). The range also comes hardwired and, by code, a male adapter/plug must be connected to allow for immediate shutoff. This was an extra added expense on our part, but well worth it. My electrician was a rockstar considering this decision was made down to the wire … … … Heh. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Powering the gas burners is a unique process, but easily adaptable. Just like any traditional range, turn the knob left to the ignite icon. Then, depress the knob (you’ll hear clicking) and hold for a minimum of seven seconds. Yes; that’s right; seven seconds! I’m not 100% sure why, but that’s just how ya light it. 


The first time I went to turn on the oven, I was so overtaken by my options that I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t turning on. I’m like, gotta try all nine icons, yo! Well, that’s because after you select an oven function, then you’ve got to select your heat … on a different knob. It’s in the center, and you can’t miss it. 😂

Ready to purchase? Make sure to plan accordingly. Hallman ranges are handmade in Italy and lead times can vary between 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the source. Get on it, gurrrrl.

PRO TIP: With a powerful range must come a powerful hood. This inexpensive 36-inch Cosmo range hood has been seriously kickin’ ass in the kitchen. We be grease free, bay-beee.

Head Over Heels for My Hallman Range: The Ultimate Review | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | jessicabrigham.com

Looks Aside, The Price is Right

If you’re looking for an affordable, luxury kitchen appliance, this Hallman range is IT. She’s a serious showstopper, operates like a pro, and is half the ticket price of ranges with a comparable appearance (white range, brass finishes). The 36-inch Hallman ranges will run you about $2900, which ain’t bad when the only other game in town (that I can find) is a 36-inch Ilve Majestic range that goes for $5700–7700 smackaroos. Them’s the facts. 

Fellow cooks, watch your wallets, because I KNOW this Hallman range is gonna getcha. 


A+++ for appearances
Price tag – affordable for a premium consumer range
User experience – cooks evenly and like a champ
Outta-the-box bonuses – turnspit, fry top and pro metal spatula
Sexy little metal legs – easy to clean underneath
Tons of range color and metal finish options
Made in Italy (Italian 🙋🏻‍♀️ and biased)


Gas burner ignite time
Antique White product photos – inaccurate color, way prettier in-person
Turnaround time – 12 to 16 weeks

This post is NOT sponsored! I just really effin love my Hallman range and you sure as heck needed to know 🙌🏻

***EDITOR’S UPDATE 7/1/20***

It has come to my attenzione the base price for the 36″ Hallman range has been raised from $2900 to $3500. Get it while it’s hot, if you hear what I’m flipping around.


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  1. How about cleaning the interior? Easy?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Yes! I keep the turnspit stand/tray on the bottom to remove for easy cleaning. It’s a little tight getting to the sides because of the oven rack bars, but it’s reachable. The front door easily wipes clean and, according to the manual, can be easily taken apart should any dirt fall in between.

    2. McKenna Gannon says:

      Hey Jessica! I have the same
      Stove coming as we speak but I can’t figure out what hardware would match seeing that I haven’t seen the stove in person… what color/brand did you use?

      Thanks so much!

  2. This was so helpful! I have been on the Hallman fence for months and just wanted a real review! Do you find it takes a long time to preheat? Thanks!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Tiffany, so glad you enjoyed the review 😁 The oven heats up very quickly! I’d say it takes about 5-10 minutes, tops.

  3. ITS LITERALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RANGE EVER. Do you find that top bar gets in your way at all? Does it have a purpose that I’m missing?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      IT REALLY IS. Thanks for your question, Hannah. It doesn’t get in the way; it’s aesthetically pleasing AND minds it’s own business. 😂 It could double as a hand towel holder, but really? WAY too pretty to cover up.

    2. Marilyn Weaver says:

      What company in Houston will recalibrate by Hallman ovens?

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        Say what? 😆

  4. Jackie Pratt says:

    Can you tell me what your beautiful Turquoise/Blue cabinet color is? I’d like to paint my island

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Jackie, it’s Forest Green by Benjamin Moore 💚 Xox J

  5. Robin J. Hoban says:

    Hello Jessica,

    I’m so glad I found your blog… what a fun read! And so timely – I’m looking at stoves for my new kitchen in 120 y.o. cottage and I’ve looked at Hallman, Ilve, and GE Cafe matte white lines. I ordered sample colors from Hallman and their two whites are very different. The antique white is very tan yellow. Could yours be the True White, not antique? I’m planning Dove White OC-17 cabinets so I need to get the whites right!

    Thanks for any info! Love your kitchen… it’s a wow!


    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks for your sweet feedback, Robin! Yes; my Hallman range is the Antique White (I originally wanted Bright White, but it wasn’t available within my required timeframe). The Antique White looks WAY more yellow/cream-colored online than it actually is in person. I ended up loving the slight contrast, works great with my green cabs and mixed metal features. You could certainly go either way with White Dove on your cabs, just depends on what details you plan to incorporate in the kitchen in the long run. Hope that helps!

  6. Rosalba Gasca says:

    Can you tell how easy/difficult it is to clean spills, are burners removable? Thanks.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Yes; excitingly the burners are removable. The “seared” stains will require steel wool and elbow grease, but it’s not a hard feat since they can be taken off and cleaned in the sink. Otherwise, I use stainless steel wipes to clean off the stove top, comes out great every time. The range also came with a drip tray, which I leave in the oven for easy cleaning as well. Then I use Simple Green to clean off splatter on the inside of the door.

  7. Fun read! Can you comment on the noisiness of the fan after you’re done using the oven? I read one review that said it was like a jet engine… eh?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks, Casey!! The fan will turn on during or after use for about five to ten minutes. It’s modestly noisy, but certainly not a jet engine 😂 It’s about the same level loudness when my stainless hood is on high. Overall, the noise wouldn’t deter my purchase in any way!

      1. I have had mine for a month and the fan continually runs once I hit the correct temperature and is noisy. Does yours do the same?

        1. Jessica Brigham says:

          Yes, the internal fan runs often while operating! Doesn’t bug me all that much, there’s usually a lot of noise going on when I’m chef-ing. 👩🏻‍🍳

    2. We have a Hallman range as well, and I can attest that if the fan is sounding like a jet engine, it is because a blade is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced. We have a 48” range and our small oven made that noise the first time the fan kicked on. We called Hallman and they said sometimes a fan blade gets bent in shipping from Italy. They were prompt in sending us a new one free of charge and covering the cost of installation since it was under warranty. Rest assured, it should NOT sound that loud but I know exactly what you mean! If that happens call Hallman for a replacement fan.

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        Great tidbit, Ashley—thanks for sharing with this crew!

  8. Lindsay Sealey says:

    Gorgeous kitchen! OMG I’m obsessed! I so appreciated seeing how you used the stainless along with the brass trim & knobs & your white range. May I ask about your other appliances? I don’t see them here… like dishwasher + fridge etc. what color do you have? I just wanted to ask how you feel about mixing with stainless appliances and the white range?
    When I saw the oven on HD website the other day, I called the manufacture in Texas. The representative was so helpful she gave me her direct extension and said that depending on the color and the oven and the trim they have some in stock and will not require me to wait there 10 to 12 weeks.I found this oven and called the direct manufacture in Texas. The representative was so helpful she gave me her direct extension and said that depending on the color and the oven and the trim they have some in stock and will not require me to wait there 10 to 12 weeks she also said she can work directly with Home Depot as they exclusively carry them so I can put on my Home Depot card. The main question I have maybe you may have some input on is the hood I have a unique kitchen with vaulted ceiling’s and the window is directly above the stove area so Hood is kind of complicated I may have to move the stove down my question is what size of range hood did you use here and I see the link but it takes me to the page that has several so I was wondering if you could let me know the brand and the The main question I have maybe you may have some input on is the hood I have a unique kitchen with vaulted ceiling‘s and the window is directly above the stove area so hood is kind of complicated I may have to move the stove down my question is what size of range hood did you use here and I see the link but it takes me to the page that has several so I was wondering if you could let me know the brand and the width. I am also considering deepening the back to add a pop up downdraft- if you have any input or thoughts on that anything or any direction would be greatly appreciated! 🙏🤗

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Lindsay! Thanks so much for your comment. You can find out much more about my other appliances over at my Green Kitchen Glamazon reveal! There are SO many different ways you could position the hood in such a unique space. My hood is the same width as my Hallman range (36″). I’d need more information and/or visuals to get a better idea about how to direct you. I’d love to schedule a 30- to 60-minute video chat to help you out a little bit more. Check out more about that on my services page. Chat soon!!

  9. who services the range when the one year warranty has expired

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Not sure 🤷🏻‍♀️ hasn’t broken yet nor been a year

  10. Dennis Tanguay says:

    Hallman Range
    Should there be hot air blowing out the vents just above the oven door?
    Thought it was unusual to have hot air blowing out where I would reach to open the oven door.

    I was expecting the hot air to exit out over the range top vent.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Dennis! Thanks so much for your comment. Not quite sure about the schematics, but I think it vents from both. My range does not emit unbearably hot air and hasn’t caused an issue over here. I would recommend contacting Hallman if you believe the range is acting unusually!

  11. June of 2019 my Hallman 30 inch black stove with brass trim arrived. Trumpets blared, the skies parted, and the Italian kitchen gods smiled. I LOVE my stove. It makes me smile every time I cook. It is indeed the crowning jewel in my kitchen. Powerful and fast, i had no idea what cooking was like on a professional oven until now. Now my collection of copper cookware has a worthy home! I would reccomend to anyone. –KBWhite

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Heck yeah, Karla!!! That’s what I like to hear. The black version must be quite the beaut. 🖤

    2. JILL L JAMES says:

      I am also getting a Hallman 30″. I don’t find in the literature anywhere that the electric has to be 220v. Looks like the 30″ plugs into 120v. Is that your experience?

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        Hi Jill — I purchased a 36″ range which required a 220v outlet. I would recommend reaching out to Hallman directly about this technical issue!

    3. Hi Karla, how has your range been over the years? I’m looking at the black gas range with electric oven. On their website they are having a sale but won’t install. How was the whole process? Has it had any issues? Thank you!

  12. Hi Jessica!!! Thanks for this review ! We have two kids one toddler and an infant ! Wondering if the knobs when just turned will turn the gas on? Of how kidproff we can make it? Thanks so much!!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Gabi! The stovetop knobs have to be depressed in order to ignite the gas. The only knobs that move freely are the multifunction oven and temperature knobs. The temperature knob only operates when the multifunction oven knob is engaged. So, essentially two of seven are relatively protected and perhaps you can find a way to shield the oven knob (farthest right). Best of luck!!

  13. Hey Jessica — Great blog 🙂 —- And I, too, have a 36″ Hallman + am in LOVE. The only thing I’ve been hung up on this that the temp reading on the dial for the oven is NOT what my thermometer hanging inside says it is….I can’t seem to find anywhere on how to calibrate the dial, so it’s set correctly….just thought I’d check to see if you had insight… will contact my plumber as well. THX + happy cooking! xc

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Colleen——thank you! She’s a beaut, but how strange! I would recommend reaching out to Hallman directly about this technical issue! Good luck and keep us posted. Xox

  14. I’m so pleased I discovered your post! I am about to purchase a Hallman oven, and was curious if you paid for professional installation, or if you felt it was simple enough to tackle on your own. Some reviews I’ve seen suggest that this stove might require that added cost… Any input you have is greatly appreciated!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Alison, I highly recommend having a skilled professional install the range! Our electrician converted the hardwired range into a plug-in (required by code) and our plumber connected the gas line. I wouldn’t mess around with these kind of utilities without proper knowledge. Good luck! Xox

  15. Christina says:

    Hi I’d love to check in and see how the brass is holding up. I love the look but worry about it’s long-term durability.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Christina! It’s a high-quality, solid brass and it’s holding up great! Xox J

  16. Love the range! And even though burgundy was my initial choice I found myself leaning heavily toward the antique white. To maximize space in my tiny kitchen I’m going for a 24 incher. The other appliance that caught my eye was the fridge. What is the make and model?

  17. Have a Hallman 48 and every 10 minutes it blows hot air out the front when using the oven. does yours do this?Not sure how to use the oven yet

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      The oven has an internal fan that powers on to cool itself down. Typically happens for me while the oven is cooking and sometime after the oven has been turned off. I recommend reaching out to Hallman directly for any further logistical concerns!

  18. Does the oven get hot while it’s on? Like hot or warm to the touch. Can you brush against it and not get burned or feel it? We are ready to dive in, head first but are just running through all questions that come to mind.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Tim – Thankfully, no! That has not been an issue over here.

  19. Erin Atkinson says:

    Hi there. I too am enamored of the Hallman look. So elegant and nostalgic! Question: Do you find the oven small? I’m really wanting to pull the trigger on a 36″ but wonder if the 3.55 cu ft space in the oven will feel cramped compared to other, larger ovens. Thanks in advance, and you have a LOVELY kitchen!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hiya Erin——great question. The oven does lean on the smaller side, but it works well for my lifestyle (I cook a lot!). I imagine it’ll depend on how much space is needed and how often. The looks are worth a slight compromise on oven space here. 🙌🏻

    2. Macie Benjelloun says:

      I’ve had my 48 inch Hallman range for over three years now. It is amazing. I first fell in love with it for the look, and then all the professional functionality and features. I love the fact that I can cook two loaves of bread in the large oven and a third loaf of bread in the small oven all at the same time. I’ve used all the functionality and features, and they work perfectly and knock on wood they continue to do so without fail. And take it from me who loves to bake bread and has four ovens in her house(two ovens in my Hallman and to KitchenAid wall ovens) I wouldn’t trade my Hallman in for the world.

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        You’re a breath of fresh air in these comments, Macie! I’m not much of a baker (not yet at least—ha!), so it’s uplifting to hear the success you’ve had in this culinary department with your range. Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience. I’m with you!!!

  20. Jeanne Slater says:

    Hi, Not to be a Debbie Downer, but our Hallman range has been nothing but trouble. It is beautiful! But getting repair parts or a repair person to look at it is almost impossible. I have been waiting for parts for 7 months now!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      I’m sorry to see that, Jeanne! Curious to know more——could you elaborate more on your situation/what’s broken?

    2. Jessica Brigham says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Jeanne! Curious to know more—could you elaborate more on the situation/what’s broken?

  21. Hey there! thinking about speccing one for my current client project- they’re sold on overstock.com, and i’m wondering if you think/know if thats acceptable, vs ordering straight from Hallman?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks for your Q, Amber! I’d order from either source, but would likely pick Hallman directly to eliminate the middle man, any potential shipping delays, etc.

  22. Jeanne Slater says:

    The range was wired incorrectly. The wires for the burners on the right side and the oven are too close to the burners and they have been destroyed by the heat of using the burners. It has been very difficult to find a company that is willing to work on the range. The repair companies say that it is too hard to get parts from Hallman. The warranty comapny and I have been reaching out to Hallman for 7 months to get repair parts with no success. Hallman agrees that the range is a lemon and are willing to replace it. I just need to ship the defective range back to them. In the midst of the pandamic we don’t want to live without a range. We lived through a remodel without cooking and don’t want to go through that again. We have asked Hallman repeatedly if we can pay a deposit for them to ship the new range to us and then we will then ship the old one to them. Maybe today they will give us an answer. This problem is not unique to us. Check the Better Business Bureau for Hallman complaints. It will make you cry. https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/smithville/profile/household-appliances/hallman-industries-0825-1000103679/complaints

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks for sharing and so sorry to hear about your awful experience! Totally sucks that it’s a lemon, and I’m happy to hear Hallman is going to replace it for you. The pandemic is certainly making things so much worse in cases like this. I’ve seen those reviews and it’s clearly been a mixed bag for customers. I personally haven’t experienced anything like this with mine and am really happy with it. Fingers crossed you can square away your replacement soon. 🤞🏻

  23. Hello! I hope you can answer my question. We are seriously considering the Hallman 36in. range because we have read so many wondeful reviews and it looks beautiful. However, we are concern that the oven may no be big enough for roasting/cooking turkeys or ham. Can you please answer our question so we can decide whether to make this huge purchase?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Reyna! I’d say it entirely depends on the size of what you’re roasting. The 36″ range oven roughly measures 13″ by 25″ if that helps!

      1. Is it possible to store cookie sheets in that lower warming tray?? I have a small kitchen and store them there currently. Looking at the 30”. Also concerned about the legs and seeing underneath. I heard there is a cover available but some have said there is a huge gap visible which would defeat the purpose! Thanks for your review!!

        1. Jessica Brigham says:

          Hi Lynda, you sure can! The tray in my 36″ range measures 25″ W x 16″ D x 4″ H. The 30″ range tray will likely be smaller. I’d reach out to Hallman directly to get those specs. They DO have leg covers, but I personally prefer the look of the range without!

  24. Rochelle Tallmadge says:

    Considering this for our new home. Will order soon because it takes so long to come. Wondering where you got it for $2900. Everywhere I’m looking, it’s $3500. Maybe the prices have just gone up?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      The prices have since been raised!

  25. Hi Jessica! Amazing read thank you for the review. I read somewhere that the knobs are like plastic not metal. Do you feel like they’re sturdy? Also have you used the griddle yet? How do you like?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Shanice! They’re 100% sturdy solid brass! Sadly, I haven’t used the griddle yet (I always forget 😆).

  26. hi. thank you for this. I didnt realize that Ilve and Hallman are the same! Do you still love it? We are considering a 48″ for our kitchen and want to get it right….

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Alana! To clarify, Hallman and Ilve are not the same. I was making a comparison of very similar ranges at drastically different price points! I do love my Hallman range and cannot recommend it more 😎

  27. Hey Jessica! Do you mind telling me the maximum height for the 36 inch range? I’m remodeling and will need to install cabinets and countertops before this range arrives. I read that the legs are adjustable but can’t quite figure out how high! Love your kitchen!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hey Andie! Unfortunately, I don’t know what the max height is. I would consult the range product page on Hallman’s website or give them a call directly to be 100% certain!

  28. got it. I was reading somewhere (not here) where they are are the same but Hallman rebrands. Thank you for clarifying.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Interesante 🤔 hadn’t heard that before. Piques my interest, I’ll do some additional homework when I can!

    2. A rep at appliance connection told me the same thing last month 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ilve makes it.

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        From what I’ve read Ilve builds the ranges, but they’re not the same company.

  29. Thanks for the fun read 🙂 Beautiful kitchen! On Bertazzoni ranges, the burners take several seconds to light as a safety measures. If I remember correctly, it lights up fairly quickly but you have to hold the knob at ignite for the extra time or else the flame will go out. I read it heats something that indicates to the range that there’s fire and it’s therefore OK to have the gas running. If the fire were to be blown out for some reason, the range will shut off the gas running to that burner. I wonder if there’s something similar with Hallman…

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Jo! Hallman ranges ignite similarly, but I don’t believe the gas shuts off when the flame goes out and the knob is still turned on. I encourage you to reach out directly to Hallman to confirm!

  30. Thank you. We’re building a house in the Berkshires and have decided to order the Green Hallman 36″. I love the color pop. Your review was very helpful.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Awesome, Teresa! Enjoy your beautiful range! The green is amazing.

    2. Hi! Beautiful kitchen and range!! Just wondering if the burners still light in a power outage (with a match?). Thanks!

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        Thanks, Julia! I do know the burners won’t light during an outage. However, I didn’t think to try a match! Will update with any future finds ASAP!

      2. Jessica Brigham says:

        Hi Julia—following up! It does light up with with a match!

  31. Hi! Love your kitchen!!! Question, are your kitchen pulls oil shed brass or brushed brass? To match the Hallman range?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks, Sherri! My knobs and pulls are brushed brass. The cabinet hardware was a last-minute change that (incidentally) worked out better than planned. They juxtapose great with the polished knobs on the range!

      1. Kristin Slayback says:

        Thank you! I’ve been debating if I really need to go with shiny brass like the hardware on the range but you have alleviated my worries and I will use brushed brass 🙂

        1. Jessica Brigham says:

          Amazing, Kristin! The brass knobs are super durable and, quite honestly, hide grime until its time for a good elbow shine. ENJOY 🙌🏻✨✨

  32. What do you think about the 40” Hallman? Can you fit a turkey or ham in the larger oven? Since it’s just my husband and I we really like the idea of the smaller second oven. Any thoughts?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Dee! I have a 36″ and can’t speak to the larger 40″ oven since I’ve never seen/used it. I’d reach out to Hallman directly for specific measurements to determine the cooking sitch!

    2. Nicholas DuRocher says:

      I just got my 40″ Hallman. I’ll say that the two ovens are pretty small. The larger, on the left, has a maximum size of 15 1/2″ x 15 3/4″ inside. That’s smaller than a standard baking pan, which is 18″ wide. The smaller oven is only 12 1/4″ wide. We are going to have to buy a bunch of new cookware (My Pyrex baking dish has handles making it too big). If you are OK with that, the 2 ovens do seem useful, but my first impression was that I have a very pricey “Easy Bake Oven”.

  33. Hi! I know we need a 240V plug but do you know if it is a 40 or 50 wattage required?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks for your Q, Shanice. You will have to reach out to Hallman directly for any technical questions!

  34. Rebecca Armstrong says:

    To avoid the “7 seconds holding the flame.” I ignite the burner and then turn the knob all the way to the lowest flame setting. Then I turn the knob back to the flame setting I want. If that makes any sense. It cuts down some seconds haha. I just put a Hallman matte black 60 inch double oven range in our house we built a year ago and we love it! The second oven is a little smaller than I was hoping. It’s beautiful. I get so many compliments on it. It looks like a $20k+ unit. But I spent maybe $8k. I love all the settings. It has a fan setting that works like an air fryer (one less appliance to store.) it has a pizza setting, a spit setting, and lots and burner options.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Rebecca! Whatever works, right?! 😂🔥 They’re really a fabulous piece of machinery.

  35. Nicholas Durocher says:

    Hey there. Great Review!

    Is there any way you can update your post and explain all the different 9 oven settings? I’m looking at the Hallman website user manual, and I’m not really understanding some of the nuances.

    Like…what’s the difference between the “Pizza” setting and the “Upper & Lower” setting? Or the “Grill and Fan” vs. the “Fan Oven”?

    Thank you!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Nicholas! Thanks for your Q. Each cooking function is self-explanatory in the manual, i.e.; use the pizza function for cooking pizza, use the turnspit function to operate the turnspit. Convention (fan oven) cooks way hotter than a conventional oven (upper & lower), but other than that, I don’t have anything to add! Honestly, I don’t use most of them 😆

  36. Nicholas DuRocher says:

    Fair enough. I called Hallman to see if they could give me more info. I figured I’d share:

    There are a total of 4 heating elements in the oven: Bottom, Heated convection fan, Top outer element, Top central element.

    These are the oven settings:

    1. Pizza – Bottom element and convection fan
    2. Upper and Lower – Top outer element and bottom – like a standard conventional oven
    3. Lower – Just the lower element, good for things you don’t want to brown
    4. Upper – Just the top central element, for broiling
    5. Grill Baking – Both top elements at the same time. Kind of like broiling on steroids. Good for roasting meat?
    6. Grill and Fan – Both top elements and the convection fan. Supposedly good for long slow and low roasting?
    7. Upper, Lower, and Fan – Top outer, lower, and fan – like a standard convection oven
    8. Fan – Just the convection fan. Good for even batch cooking or dehydrating stuff. Also good for defrosting if set low.
    9. Quick Start – All elements on – if left on too long can cause damage to the oven, so they suggest 20 minutes max.

    Hopefully this can help others out there too.

  37. Hey! Loved your review, thank you! We just received our 36” matte black duel fuel range and it’s such a beauty! The internal fan on our oven doesn’t work, unfortunately and we’ve contacted hallman to see what to do about it. I’m curious about the smell that the oven emits when you first turned it on. We did as it suggested and turned the oven on for an hour before using to let the nasty smells “bake off.” However, the second time we used it it still smelled really bad. I’m wondering what your experience was like and if the smell went away more quickly for you.
    Thank you!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Angela! Thanks for your Q. Fortunately, I did not have this internal fan issue with my 36″ range——I don’t remember a nasty odor either! I suggest continuing communication with Hallman on this operational issue. Call it a hunch, but this sounds like a manufacturing error. Truly so sad to hear your range is a bit of a lemon and wish I could help more!

  38. Erin SUE Bunton says:

    Hey girl! Just installed our new black Hallman and wow! One question before I really dive into the manual…How do you know when the oven is ready to go at your specified temperature? Does a light click on or do we just wait and pray it’s ready? Thanks. Love your kitchen cabinet color!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Erin! There’s a small orange light centrally located that will turn off when the oven reaches temp.

  39. Ana Legra says:

    Hi there! I’m looking into buying a Hallman range. I see that this post is from 2019. Curious to know how you feel about it now that you’ve had it for a while now. Would love your honest opinion. Thank you!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Ana! Yes; I’m 100% still in love with my range. I’ve heard about lemons which you’ll read about in a few of the comments here, but personally, I have zero regrets. Good luck!

    2. Nick DuRocher says:

      For what it’s worth, I’ve had mine for maybe 6 months now. The burners aren’t as powerful as they are on more “commercial” style ranges, and it still takes up to 10 minutes to get a 4 quart pot of water to boil on the biggest burner, but otherwise the range is great for most day to day stuff.

      I’ve got a 40″ range with two ovens. Both of them are smaller than standard, meaning I can’t use a “normal” cookie sheet in either, but as far as performance that are both really great. consistent even heat.

      1. Jessica Brigham says:

        Thanks for the input! Hallman doesn’t advertise their ranges as commercial, so that makes sense.

  40. Sheryl Juday says:

    I have a Hallman also. I had a wolf range before which I adored. My only complaint would be there is not a simmer burner on the Hallman , so I improvise by doubling up my burner grids to create more space between pot and flame. It is eye candy to my kitchen and truly for a quarter of the price of the wolf range, I’d buy it again.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Great idea, Sheryl! Thanks for sharing 😊

  41. Curious if your plumber calibrated it during install? We’ve had issues finding a plumber willing to Do it for some reason. If they did do it had they worked with this type of oven before?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      My plumber took care of everything with no issue. It was his first Hallman!

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I am looking into one of these stoves for my kitchen (after failing to restore an actual vintage stove). Do the knobs have any safety features for child-proofing or would it be easy to accidentally turn on the gas without lighting the flame given the long start time? Also, does the oven door need to be open to turn it on like some European ranges? Thanks!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Hi Mary! So cool you tried to restore vintage. These knobs are not childproofed and could easily be turned on without igniting gas. Fortunately, the oven door does NOT need to be open—Phew!

      1. Thank you! I was pretty sold after this and other reviews; however, it sounds like their wait time has increased to 7 months :/ so I may to go with another Italian range that’s less brass and fancy, such as Verona. Thank you so much for the helpful review! I am holding out hope the timing will drop down. How did you end up finding out there was one color that could come faster than another? Thanks!

        1. Jessica Brigham says:

          Oyyy, I hear you, Mary, as that’s quite the wait! I was under deadline, so I phoned Hallman directly and discovered they had a handful of ranges in stock and available in the US. Initially I sought Bright White, but after seeing photos of the Antique White (which was immediately available) I was sold AND it worked even better. So, I’d try giving them a call!

        2. Holly Molinari says:

          I ordered April 2021 and was delivered February 2022, 7 days shy of 10 full months.

          1. Jessica Brigham says:

            Supply chain issues are real right now 😭

  43. jovi flor says:

    The Gas company will calibrate your gas line for free on your range. in May 2121, my mom’ vintage stove was calibrated by the SoCal Gas company at no charge. They came out the same day we called them.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Good advice—thanks for sharing!

  44. I was excited about the Hallman, but it has been such a disappointment. It is absolutely a lemon. Ours has had problems from the beginning. The oven won’t turn on most of the time. I contacted customer service and received an email telling me to turn the oven on to 450 and hold two of the buttons for 15 seconds. This hack worked several times, but now isn’t working at all. This is a well known issue. I have seen this problem reported many times online. Hallman is aware that the product is defective, but won’t do anything about it. Totally regret this purchase.

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Oh, Jami! Terrible to hear your range has caused you all these problems! Unfortunately, and as is noted in a handful of comments in this blog post, there have definitely been a few lemons delivered to customers. I’m so sorry this happened to you and hope you’ll be able to resolve the issue with Hallman. Appreciate you sharing your experience here and hope the readers find this feedback helpful when considering this purchase. Xox J

  45. Viki Harchenko says:

    So, I’m wondering if you ever looked into or considered a ZLine range? I started looking them after a repairman recommended. They are beautiful too, however I then saw the video you’ve mentioned by Molly and her husband. I loved the looks of the Hallman (windows and knobs) over ZLine but some of the posts here about waiting months to get a lemon puts me back to a ZLine. I also checked out Bluestar but as with Hallman I’m concerned about getting parts and service! I’ll give up a few aesthetics for superior performance and ease of getting parts and service. Sorry, Jessica!

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      I hear you! It’s unfortunate Hallman customers have had unsatisfactory experiences. For what it’s worth, I’ve had my range for three years and *knock on wood* no issues or regrets!

  46. Jenna Jenkins says:

    I think you found a towel bar that matches the handles on the range. Could you tell me where I could buy one?

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      The bars on the range come with it! If you mean the paper towel bar inside my cabinet, that is from Pepe & Carols. 🙂

  47. Allison S says:

    Has anyone had success getting a true “broil” with this oven? I turn the upper element oven on, then crank up the heat to 500, but the top coils never get bright red, and I can’t get any food to sizzle and brown like I could on broil in my old electric oven. Anyone know the secret? Lol

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      The top coil does not turn red in my experience (at least I haven’t noticed if it does). I’ve broiled many a meal with success, most notably veggies for my chile verde sauce or spicy baked chicken thighs! I would recommend the fan oven (#8) setting.

  48. Jessica Wow thanks for the article and shout out to all who have asked questions or left comments as that too has been reaaaaaallly helpful (and entertaining!) 🙂 It’s Jan/2024 and I have a Hallman 48 “in the cart” . Question du jour: are you still tickled with your range? Thanks so much the transparency is most appreciated and your lively banter is delightful! *gorgeous kitchen btw

    1. Jessica Brigham says:

      Thanks for writing in, Kim! Yes, I am still head over heels for my range. 🙂 As you might see in the various comments, there have been lemons out there (which sucks!), but, fortunately, this isn’t so in my case. Much luck!!

    2. I bought one in 2020. I was limited by size constraints (I needed a 40″ range, not a lot of options out there).

      The bad:
      1) The burners are not positioned in a way that makes sense for everyday cooking. The “Medium” burners are both in the back, with the big “Quick Boil” and small “Simmer” burners up front. The Quick Boil doesn’t work well at low, often going out, so we only use it to boil. The simmer burner takes a while to heat up most pots and pans, but cooking on the back burners is a pain.
      2) It might not be an issue on the 48″ range, but our two ovens are small. Neither takes a standard half sheet baking pan, or large roasting pan. We had to buy a bunch of new bakeware.

      The good:
      It is beautiful. We often get compliments.
      It is easy to keep clean.
      The multifunction oven has worked out great once we accommodated for the size.

  49. Jenna Jenkins says:

    I am beyond unhappy with my beautiful ILVE range that looks like the Hallman. I think they are made in the same plant. It could make anyone a bad cook! The flame on the cooktop can’t be turned low enough. The oven might be a 125 degrees too cold or too hot so I can’t just adjust the temperature knob because you can’t predict which direction it will swing. I can’t find a repairman west of the Mississippi that will work on a Hallman or ILVE.

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