Large N’ in Charge: Modern, Sexy Pots and Planters Under $100

Hello, frond. My name is Jessica and I am a hoarderculturalist. That is, a hoarder of plants. With such an affliction (80+ and growing), comes a strong, instinctive desire to seek, find and possess alllll of the modern, sexy pots and planters. 

Finding a brand new, good lookin’ pots and planters doesn’t necessarily come—as they say—cheap, but that’s the price a tried and true crazy plant lady must pay. Of course, there’s thrifting and online auctions, but if your hunt is turning up short, then this round-up of beauties will help take out the legwork.

Every pot and planter listed is substantial, standing at a minimum of 12” high (save for one that’s .25” short, but just too cute NOT to share 😬) and they’ll run ya just shy of $100 bucks (except one that might be $9 over 🤷🏻‍♀️). 

Click on the pots and planters in the graphic below for the deets!!

[1] Dipped Clay Pot + Stand [2] Black Metal Plant Pot [3] Nobleton Polyethylene Pot Planter [4] Lineal Large Cylindrical Planter [5] ÖSTLIG plant pot [6] Cecily Planter + Stand [7] Spun Metal Standing Planter [8] Burnt Georgia Peach Terracotta Planter [9] Pescador Ombre Planter [10] Tapered Ivory Planter with Gold Stand

Modern, Sexy Pots ad Planters Under $100 | Planter Round Up | Houseplants | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | www.jessicabrigham.com

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