Spring Cleaning: 17 Small Ways to Re-Energize Your Home

Spring is SO upon us. The shift in seasons offers us humans an organic opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and our home affairs. ‘Cause if you think wellbeing isn’t deeply linked to your surroundings, you’ve got another thing coming, sis. Henceforth, let the spring cleaning begin!!

If life has you swirling and putting off home projects, give yourself permission to take a few hours or a single day to tend to those things. That’s called self-care, baby! Not only will you feel better, the home vibes will start to shine once again. Love me a good Sunday clean if ya know what I mean. 

Here’s 17 small ways to re-energize your home, my committed spring cleaning kween!! Pick one, three, seven or thirteen; whatever it takes to get you on the path to feeling rurrrl good about the upcoming season.

Spring Cleaning | 17 Small Ways to Re-energize Your Home | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | JessicaBrigham.com

Dust Plant Leaves

Plant bbs are people, too. If the leaves are dusty, they’re not thriving on that sunlight to the fullest extent. With a soft rag and some warm water, wipe down each leaf with one hand supporting the opposite side. We want to avoid them tears, boo.

Repotting Plant BBs

Plant bbs need love and good nutrients to flourish (as addressed previously, basically people. Duh). If there’s any apparent indoor jungle stragglers, find that distressed girl a new pot, some fresh potting soil, chop at the roots just a bit, and give that girl a whole new outlook on life. 

Tackle Your Closet

If your wardrobe is becoming unmanageable or full of items you don’t wear, go through each piece and decide what to keep, what to toss and what to donate. Alternatively, if you DO wear the garb, but the closet is overstuffed and hard to navigate, sort out clothing in seasonal bins and store clothing you’re not currently using until the next seasonal swap-out.

Wipe Down Baseboards

Oh god, we’re all guilty of this. No matter how clean a woman I aim to be, baseboards soak up dirt and pet fur like no other. Find yourself an old ratty rag, soak it in hot water (a little dish soap if you’re all germ-crazed), and give that trim a good ol’ fashioned wipe down.

Dust Out-of-Sight Places

The old adage, “outta sight, outta mind,” isn’t always true. That dust and dinge accumulates and it’s tarnishing the energetic vibe. Get yourself a cutesy hand duster or my preferred dusting device—the old ratty rag soaked in hot af water—and wipe down what the eyes don’t normally see. That’s cased openings, window trim, chandeliers, picture frames, tall shelving, you name it. Clean that sheet.

Clean Out Condiments

C’mon, guys. How many goddamn condiments are sitting in your fridge that really don’t need to be? Whether it’s old, something you don’t like or ever use, open the fridge and CLEAN THEM OUT! Rinsing in hot af water accompanied by a fast shake of the bottle to remove all gunk is recommended. Help a recycle plant out.

File the Pile (a.k.a. Paperwork)

Paperwork piles make me cringe. My big fat executive desk conceals all of my pending papers that I sort out and file away every one to three months. Find a solution that works for you, whether its a file folder, container or cabinet to host all of your most important documents. Then, enjoy the brief fleeting moment of tearing up or burning excess in a roaring fire. To each their own. 

Break Out the Glass Cleaner

With a house chock stock of French doors, a hunky house-tending husband, and a 72-lb lap dog, smudges are a regular and something I have zero interest in cleaning everyday (it’s basically artwork at that point). Break out the glass cleaner and say hello to spring, ‘cause now you can see outside. 😆

Swap the Shower Curtain

A design change this simple needs no explanation. Change out the curtain, freshen up the vibe, change a life (that’s yours).

Shuffle a Shelfie (or two)

A small change can make a huge impact. Much like swapping out a shower curtain, if you’ve got an old shelf that a) needs to be dusted and b) hasn’t changed in god knows how long, take it upon yourself to SHUFFLE DAT SHELFIE! New look, new you.

Switch Around Artwork 

Could there be any easier way to revitalize a space? I think s’not. I’ve got collections for days, but if you don’t, then head out to a flea market, hit a thrift shop or bid for something online. The goal is new sensations. 

Update A Crotchety Ceiling Fan

There’s nothing more riveting than a staring contest with a dated ceiling fan. JK LOL. It might cost a couple of bucks to replace, but if you’ve got it in your pocket you and your home are worth it, babe. Plus, you’d be surprised how easy it is to install it yourself (I did it twice AND made you a video tutorial, boo). 

Complete One House / DIY Project

There’s nothing like a dependable to-do list. That is, until it gets so long that you start to lose it a bit and have no idea where to start. Well, guess what buttercup? The good news is you just need to start somewhere—big or small—to start feeling good again. So knock one thing offa it, I dares ya. 

Dance With A Mop

Good god, I hate mopping. Don’t ask me why, I just do. If you’re like me, turn up some killer tunes, have a visit with your household custodial closet, and have a dance with your mop. It’ll be over in no time. 

Make a List of Seasonal Goals

Whether it’s travel, cooking, romantic, house projjjz, or work-related, get your ideas down on paper for the season to have the reason to kick this quarter’s ass!!! Ain’t nothing like crossing off a goal on the list. 

Purge! Purge! Purge!

This is probably the best gift you’ll ever give to yourself. Once you’ve gone through it all—the decor, the closet, the nooks, the crans—toss that shit (neatly) in a bag, in a box, in a sumthin’ and haul it to your local donation center or the dump. End of story.

Smudging Time

With a smudge stick, duh. Once all the projects are done, let’s fully dust off the energetic cobwebs with an intentional cleanse. Burning sage not only smells delightful, it’s an amazing, organic way to reconnect with yourself and your home. 

Spring Cleaning | 17 Small Ways to Re-energize Your Home | Jessica Brigham | Magazine Ready for Life | JessicaBrigham.com

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