One Room Challenge, Desert Chic Guest Room + Hallway, Week Four

It’s a bittersweet and abridged week on the One Room Challenge homefront. For good reason, of course. Guys, I’m in freaking Ireland!! It’s our second to last day on my first trip to the Emerald Isle, but I digress. Anywho, I crammed real hard on the necessary improvements before embarking on our journey across the pond.


Let’s get to it! The hallway is looking oh-so-fly with a bold and beautiful coat of Bright Gold (which is a true chartreuse) and the stair risers/molding FINALLY got the fresh coat of paint they deserved after four and a half years of neglect.

I found a set of FABULOUS nightstands at Target, but they went out of stock to ship just as I went to check out. Fortunately, I scored pickup at a local store. Part of me is hoping to find a second, but the other half is really diggin’ the way the bird of paradise dangles over the bed. We shall see. 🤔

target two drawer mid century side table - Jessica Brigham magazine ready for life

The pillow pile has begun as well! I’d love to incorporate a lot of fantastic color in this department. I’ve got two Lucca pillows in Italian Plum from Article and I’m anxiously awaiting to receive Vera from Kaekoo Pillow Shop.

Colorful Pillow Inspiration | Jessica Brigham Magazine Ready for Life


To top all that off, I serendipitously scored a new, desert-inspired dresser currently inhabiting my kitchen. I had every intention of working with the original highboy. I scored that pretty old thang for $0 in a local bulk pickup pile. She was so severely scarred in the curbside toss I decided the damage was far greater than the effort to restore. We’re talking deep gouges, missing veneer, etc.

I can’t wait to share the new girl. She’s got a little wear-and-tear to touch up, but worth every penny for the $45 investment. Let’s just hope I love her once we muscle her up that tricky stairwell.


Lots of details, that’s what!! In no particular order, I’ve got photos to frame, a kilim bench to build, a gorgeous fixture to install from Pepe & Carols, another fabulous set of sconces from Schoolhouse Electric to hang, wallpaper to consider, pillows, bedding, throws, a DIY plant wall, an area rug … the list goes on … as it always does for the best of us. Oh yeah, and find more art that I love!!! This is probably the hardest feat of them all.

For now, I’ll settle on all the colorful pillow inspiration I can get. Here’s a few of my favorite finds:

Colorful Pillow Inspiration | Jessica Brigham Magazine Ready for LifeSource: Royal Furnish

Colorful Pillow Inspiration | Jessica Brigham Magazine Ready for Life

Source: Urban Outfitters

Colorful Pillow Inspiration | Jessica Brigham Magazine Ready for Life

Source: Studio McGee

Thanks for tuning in for another progress report from the Brigham Craftsman’s second annual one room challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s—there’s gonna be some sneaky peekies you won’t want to miss.

New here?! Catch up on Week One, Week Two, and Week Three!


See you next week!!



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